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Full Color Large LED Screen Display Sign FAQs
With what kind of LEDs are our LED displays made?
We are using Nichia LEDs for our LED display sign, because Nichia guarantees the color and temperature consistancy. Nichia which appearing to have the smallest illuminating area also has the best beam characteristics and white and color balance. The overal price is a little higher than other LED brands, but with Nichia LED's quality is guaranteed.
epistar, HC
Where are our full color led display signs made?
Our full color led display signs are using Japanese technologies which have been approved by the European governments. Part of our full color led display signs is made in Japan by Nichia and the other part is made in China. Quality and price are our priorities when selling full color led display signs.
What is the nominal workl life of our full color LED display signs?
All our led display signs the nominal work life is about 100,000 hours, which is about 11 years. This nominal work life can be reached when the LED display sign is used properly and with care.
What is the warranty of our full color LED display signs?
All our led display signs have a warranty of 1 year that covers any mistakes made in the production of the led display sign. We provide you with all necesary accesories that are needed to fix anything needed.
Do we also provide the base or LED display structure?
We can help you provide the LED display base or structure which will be made especially for the full color display sign, but thats not recomendable and besides it is very expensive. We recommend to make the LED display sign base or structure on the place itself where you are going to place the LED diplay sign itself. We do can provide you with detailed schemes and diagrams how it must be constructed with cooling systems included. We can provide you the schemes and diagrams made by our engineers for free. But for that we need to know exactly what you need and how you want it to be constructed.
Do our LED display sign price quotes include shipping costs?
Our LED display sign price quotes do not include shipping costs. This is because those prices change by day. We do provide you this service and the price will be calculated by our logistics department the moment you have decided to order with us. Of course we provide you with the best shipping prices that are available at that moment to ship the full color led display signs to its destiny.
Are there any software updates for the large led display signs?
Yes indeed, we do provide our clients who bought with us a led display screen all the software-updating necesary and free of charge.
Do we also provide our clients with LED display sign training?
We provide our customers with free training of software operators and big LED screen maintenance personnel. Our engineers and trainers will lecture on software operation and general maintenance knowledge. The trained technicians can deal with the common failures. The software operators are capable of the everyday LED screen broadcasting.
How can I order or buy a large full color led display sign?
Please see  "How to Buy our LED Display Signs" for all the requirements you need to cover to order any full color LED display sign with us. Please keep in mind that we dont make any exceptions about the terms of sales.
What is the average delivery time of a large full color led display sign?
The average delivery time of a large full color led display sign is about 60 dias. This is a delivery time which is calculated over the total numer of orders and the displays sizes in m2 we have received. Normally a it takes about 30 days to make the high quality LEDs, and another 30 days to construct the led display sign itself. Any high quality large led display sign takes about 60 days to complete.
Is it possible to provide a large full color led display sign with Audio?
Yes we can provide any large led display sign with audio. The led siplay sign will be provided with anaudio amplifier, speakers (1 pair), video/audio switch, tuning equipment and a DVD if necesary. Of course these are optional devices.
What are the data transmission specifications of our led display signs?
Our data transmission specifications can vary and is provided by a panel input Cat5 cable, and remote RS323/Ethernet. Also we use fibre optics to transmit high speed data.
Under which temperature the LED display signs work, do they operate under -25°C?
Our LED displays work at an ambient temperature of -25°C~+65°C. It is not recomended to use them below temperatures of -25°C.
What video inputs do I get with a full color led display sign?
You will be able to connect any device to the full color led display sign supporting DVI, Composite Video, VGA, and S-Video.
What video sources can I use with the full color led display sign?
The video sources compatible with the full color led display sign are DVD's, VCD's, VCR's, TV's, Camera with PAL/NTSC standard.
Is it possible to transmit live video through the large led display sign?
Yes it is posible to transmit live video and also VGA through the large LED display sign.

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