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20Bit Color LED Screen display from top quality led screen supplier

What is 20bit depth color?

this state-of-the-art technology play a leading role in LED display field worldwide.

Color depth is the number of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel in a bitmapped image or video frame buffer.

Higher color depth gives a broader range of distinct colors.

20-bit means 1,048,576 different colors can be showed.


What could 20bit depth color bring?

Precise performance when the screen in low grey level

High precision color reproduction, perform exact color of content/brand

Vivid Color Image look richer and deeper


20bit depth color- leading position in led display

Compared to main stream technology 16bit depth color in the market,  20bit be regarded as pioneer, plays a leading position.

16bits shows totally 65,536 colors, while 20 bits shows totally 1,048,576 different colors, 16 times color higher.

With continuously efforts,  under developing 24bits ‘True color’, which will exceed the color that Human eyes could see. Roughly, Human eyes can see 10 million colors, which would correspond to just over 23 bits.


16bit VS 20bit

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