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LED 3D Globe,3D LED Screen Display BALL

More than a Display

The New LED 3D Globe Display

All around fascination with the new LE3D globe. The LE3D globe, manufactured in cooperation with business partner ARTmos, is a visual experience of the third dimension. As an eye-catcher for the 360° presentation of images, films and animations in brilliant quality, the LE3D ball is highly versatile. Whether indoors or out and with a diameter measuring anywhere from 0.8 to 6.4 meters, the LE3D globe offers undreamt of visual results.
Specially developed LEDs project onto surfaces measuring 2 to 128.68 square meters with a maximum power consumption of 114KW. This results in fascinating three-dimensional light impressions.

On request, we can also develop walk-in LE3D globes where the LEDs are inside and project onto the inside surfaces of the globe

Combined with external sensors, the LE3D globe responds to external influences such as temperature, light, distance and time. It is also able to respond instantly to music and sounds with amazing 3D effects. Input via keyboard can be used for control as well as text and message entry.

Technical Data

Application Indoor & Outdoor
Brightness adjustment automatic
Diameter 80cm - 30m
Pixel pitch 8mm - 24mm
Brightness 2.500cd/m² up to 5.000cd/m²
LED 3D Globe,3D LED Screen Display BALLLED 3D Globe,3D LED Screen Display BALLLED 3D Globe,3D LED Screen Display BALL

Best Effects with 3D-LEDs - A specially optimized LED was developed for 3D-images on the LE3D globe. We deliver the LE3D globe as a plug-and-play product with an efficient media server, interactive animations and individual software tailored for the chosen application

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