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What type of Content should you use for your LED Video Screen?

What type of Content should you use for your LED Video Screen?


One of the most exciting options about using LEDs for advertising is that they are very captivating. In fact, LEDS are commonly preferred because they catch the attention of viewers and basically people from the general public.
LEDs are designed to be very bright and clear which means that they provide an excellent alternative as compared to conventional media like billboards and static posters. Whether it is in front of the lift or waiting for service in a bank, the LED screen serves as a great platform to advertise as people have something to view while waiting.

In using LED screens, advertisers can now provide more innovative and creative ways of reaching their target markets. This means that they are no longer confined to the traditional ways which are not as effective. Through LEDs, they now have more power in generating the type of content which are relevant and definitely more powerful. It must be noted though that using the right content would play a pivotal role in the campaign.

What type of Content should you use for your LED Video Screen?

Video content

The most commonly used content in LEDs is videos. Advertisers can now be more adventurous where they can design more video and animation in their otherwise static advertisements. Due to this market opportunity, video production and editing services have become more affordable and available.

In general, you can either develop content which are commercial in nature or merely informational but they must all be equally as captivating and ensures that the audience is interested.

This type of content is developed for the intention of delivering information to the viewer. As the LED screen is designed to scroll and switch between content, you should design your informational ads to be quick and brief. Unless you own the LED and all the airtime, you should use quick and straight-to-the-point information. If you are the owner of the LED, informational ads can include more text and explanations.

Commercial content

LEDs can be perceived very much like television except that they provide all-round-the-clock advertising potential. This means that through LEDs, you have an especially dedicated channel for advertising. However, as you will be renting the airtime from the service provider, you are limited by the duration of each video. Therefore, you will need to develop the best content for the 10 to 15 seconds as agreed. Such videos must be short and brief while the details of inquiries should be highlighted repeatedly as viewers will want to contact you for more information.

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