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LED display showing the characteristics of the application

LED display showing the characteristics of the application:


1, the industry was standardized, intensive features.

LED display industry association has been actively promoting the products and technological exchanges and carry out standardization work through technical standards, product testing and other technical means to effectively promote the development of the industry standardization of technology products. Standardization driven to enhance the level of industrialization, the accumulation effect reflected the industrial layout, such as Shenzhen concentrated more scale enterprises. In recent years, the development of China’s LED display applications industry is an important characteristic scale significantly increased the number of enterprises, the number of medium-sized enterprises has been decreasing the number of small-scale enterprises also increased. Industry in general by the previous “olive” to “dumbbell-shaped” change.

2, LED upstream industry to promote the development of industrial display applications obvious effect.

Positive interaction between the LED industry chain downstream, new products, new technology application quickly, based on LED chip materials, driver IC, the development of control technology, many companies in the industry integrated application LED semiconductor lighting, lighting lighting project other aspects of the formation of a certain technology base and production engineering foundation. In conventional LED large screen display technology and products on the basis of, LED display products in the industry market share increased year by year.

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