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LED outdoor big advertising video screen structure

LED outdoor big screen structure


A) display body
Display control circuit receives the signal from the computer through the drive circuit so that led dot matrix surface emitting. Display by the LED light emitting devices and control circuit, the entire display unit board by the same structure composed of interchangeable unit board, which will make the installation screen body maintenance, more simple and convenient. The display area can be based on customer requirements, the integer units plates.

 LED outdoor big advertising video screen structure

(B) computers and peripheral equipment
In the system, screen playback of the content produced by the computer, processing, and transmission lines to the screen by the body control system. Computer peripherals, such as scanners, you can enter a variety of images to a computer.


(C) video peripherals
Information can be displayed on a video screen. Input video information through video peripherals, such as TV, VCD player, DVD player, VCR, camcorder, etc.


(D) audio devices
After the display is connected amplifier, speakers can play music, can also be synchronized playback and Screen news, advertising and other information to achieve audio and video synchronization, the display screen body is more appealing, more sensationalism.


E) Communication Systems
The information in this system are displayed in the computer processing, transport through transmission lines to the control circuit Screen, and then displayed on the screen body. Inputs other computer peripherals, video peripherals, audio equipment and so access to a computer, connect this line is very clear, easy to install, use and maintain.


F) computer network
The system can be remotely controlled by computer


G ) system function    

 ★ external scanner, enter all kinds of pictures , graphics ( including handwriting ) ;     

 ★ can input video signal ( TV, video, laser disc ) , real-time display dynamic television screen , and can display other graphics, animation ;     

★ can be entered into the computer signals , real-time display of the contents of a computer monitor , such as various forms of computer processing , curves, pictures ( stock quotes, stock analysis , deposit interest rates, currencies ) , etc., can be displayed simultaneously Beijing , weather, each kinds of news, current affairs , display, dwell time can be controlled ;    

 ★ animation shows a variety of ways , such as up and down , left and right , in the middle to start venetian blinds , marquees effects ;    

 ★ display time for each picture can be controlled , and can automatically switch ;     

★ You can open the window display , that part of the computer monitor patterns corresponding display ;     

★ display pixel -by- point correspondence with the computer monitor , a mapping map location convenient adjustable ;     

★ choreographed programs can be replaced at any time , including the content of the program, the order of play , playing time and length of program changes can prompt is displayed ;   

★ can be controlled by the computer as a workstation on the network , real-time data is read from the specified server , is displayed on the screen. ( Eight ) System Features


H ) System Features
★ whole system of plants using imported components , quality is guaranteed.
★ modular design , compact structure, easy installation and maintenance .
★ Display cabinet reasonable structure design , and the use of the junction of the pixels within the rail pad apron way fastening heat sealing ; My company developed specifically for the outdoor screen bi- convection cooling solution . Enter the air conditioner all the way , all the way to the hot air exhaust fan , is currently the sole initiative, dedicated air duct design , completely solve the outdoor screen due to high temperature semiconductor devices and optoelectronic devices affect the technical specifications change , the purpose of both ventilation and cooling , but also anti-rain the drift into .
★ all hardware , no software drivers , high-speed , reliable , direct, avoiding the multi-layered software loaded .
★ display high brightness, stable, clear and flicker .
★ all displayed on a computer monitor can be displayed on the graphic display, software compatibility.
★ uses a non-linear color correction technology, excellent display , high resolution, clear graphics , smooth animation , no mosaic phenomenon .
★ oval light-emitting diode structure , viewing angle , good lighting effects and high luminous efficiency.


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