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P5 P6 large Die-casting Aluminum SMD LED display

large Die-casting SMD LED display is the newest technology of LED display cabinet ,compared with traditional steel and aluminum cabinet ,it has the following feature:

 P5 P6 large Die-casting Aluminum SMD LED display

1)It adopts one-time molding technology to take shape, this makes it high precision:
the precision of die casting cabinet is 0.2mm,it is the highest precision at the present time.
when cabinets connect ,it is seamless between cabinets ,then the display will have a very good performance.
2) It use aluminum alloy material,this makes it hard ,super thin ,and light. 
Hard cabinet can be used many times without changing cabinet shape,
The cabinet life is very important for event rental companies to get a high input/output ratio.
For die-casting aluminum, usually 4-5 years without shape changing ,
but for common steel , cabinet shape will change within 1 or 2 years,can not be used anymore after you just make a balance in your invest.
Super Thin:the thinness is only 87mm,very good in appearence,also save storage space.
there is no fan in the cabinet,thus the screen is quiet,we use high quality 6 layer PCB board ,and the special design of aluminum alloy material for heat dissipation. 
Light cabinet is safe to be hung installed ,and is very easy for installation and uninstall.as well as transportation.
3)Protecting LED modules and prolong display life span:
The weight of the whole display is loaded only on the cabinet,not module.So the module of the display is well protected and will not hurt after long term using. this prolongs the display life span.

Pixel pitch

5 mm


≥1500 nits

Refresh Rate


Pixel configuration

SMD 3 in 1

Hor. viewing angle

140° (min 50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

120° (min 50% brightness)


100,000 hours to 50% of initial brightness

Power consumption

520W/panel (max)

Panel dimensions

500mm x 500mm x 80mm

Panel Material


Weight / Panel

9 kg

IP rating

IP 43


14 bit/color


68.7 Billion

Recommended Min Viewing distence


Grey scale (linear)

65,536 levels per color

Link interface


Operating temperature

-20 - 45°C

Storage temperature

-20 - 50°C

Operational humidity


Storage humidity


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