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Comercial Led Display and LED large screen displays

The Growing Development of Led technology

With the increasingly development of LED technology, while the cost of LED reduces, the cost of LED display is also dropped substantially. Indeed, the great decreasing of the LED display cost promotes the popularity LED display applications. In the age of present, advertising medium, as one of the biggest LED full color screen application fields, upgrading the overall traditional advertisement at a staggering rate.



Led Display System

The whole controlling system is composed of the software and the hardware for led display. Hardware system is mainly composed of electricity equipment system, audio and video treatment system, controlling system, led display, and peripheral equipment. The solution might be different accordingly to each customer's practical installing place and going in details. 

The application of LED advertising display
1. In single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas, the outdoor full-color giant LED display is built to constitute outdoor giant screen network .It covers the whole city even whole country.

2. With strong visual impact, ultra-clear pictures, huge shock force, the giant LED screen presents the magic of advertising. It sways the brand image of the company. The giant screen is local landmarks, it is a good advertisement.
3. In bustling streets and community, small and medium-sized full color LED display move message that built to form a media network.
4. Small LED display screen has strong communication penetration, wide Network coverage, directly access to consumer terminals,low investment,quick return,and good advertising effect.


Feature Tips of our led display
1.Equipped with sensitive control systems which automatically regulate the brightness of screens according to interior and exterior lighting – resulting in a savings of up to $2 million per year.


2. Feature a refresh rate of more than 1200Hz, guaranteeing the stability of each display in meeting commercial-use standards.


3. Feature efficient optical fiber transmission systems for reduced signal delays caused by transmission distance.


4. Give users the ability to be stationed at one unit, to control various screens connected to the network.


5. Feature an environmental monitoring system that displays LED display conditions.


6. Available with multifunction cards for fixed time software or manually controlled displays.


7. Unique waterproof cabinet design, coincidence with IP65 protective standard, can be directly installed at outdoor.


Our Advantage


We do not only provide the installation bracket, but also provide complete set LED display system. Include: controlling system, power (socket), software, accessory, installation structure drawing and other service.


Standard cabinets design, make same cabinet dimension apply to different pixel display requirement, convenient for advertising display installation


 Led display can be used in different climate area over the world, temperature scope from -20℃~60℃, our cabinet with good anti-damply and corrosion-resistant performance, therefore the products can be used in the high humidity and high salinity environment close to the sea. 


The brightness of outdoor led display can be more than 7000cd/M2, and can apply to different installation environment. Our products are always obedient to energy saving and environmental protection due to our product design.


Intelligent environment controller, can adjust the whole display brightness according to environment brightness


 LED display solution provide remote concentrated control management. One monitor center can control many LED displays.


Double backup systems in the LED video controlling system, once the malfunction occur, users can cutover to the backup system immediately.

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