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Lightbox LED displays/screens solution

•Showing a variety of messages and advertisements from different customers round-the-clock by changing the display contents momentarily.

•The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.

•With high efficient fiber transmission system, the screen can keep uninterrupted display through reducing the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance.

•With high efficient optical fiber transmission system, it can reduce signal delay caused by long transmission distance, which ensure the consistency of the display.

•Keep on working for you even in rainy weather due to the high ingress protection rate IP65.

•With ingress protection IP65, it’s absolutely safe for your display to continue working under rainy situation.

•A variety of control method options such as synchronous led  control solution, asynchronous control solution, and inter-network control solution, etc. available for different site environments.

•With multiple control system, it can provide synchronous control, asynchronous control, network control, etc. according to different environment needs.

•Built-in lightning protection devices which prevent the display from being burned by lightning.

•The built-in lightning protection system can prevent the display from being burned by lightning.

•No need to repeat operation steps to update new contents, many screens can be controlled by only one computer.

•Many options available to update contents such as cable, wireless and USB disk.

•Multiple methods update the items, such as cable, wireless and USB disk.





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