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VMS (Variable Message LED Sign/LED display) on Column

VMS (Variable Message LED Sign/LED display) on Column


Model No.: P16, P20, P25, P31.25, P33.33.
It’s all available here no matter for Character MatrixLine Matrix and Full Matrix.
Send us your OEM specifications, 
we can make it even for 
European and American standard.



 VMS (Variable Message LED Sign/LED display) on Column


VMS / DMS is an important equipment for monitoring and controlling system in both freeway and arterial road applications. These signs give the traffic management center a powerful tool to improve traffic flow on busy expressways by displaying varied message. 

We now holds over 35% market share of VMS/DMS in China, by completing various VMS/DMS projects in 250+ highways in China and overseas. As everyday in the past 17 years, we subject our products to 17 separate assessments and 40 different functionality tests, which are all carried out in our in-house central laboratory.


 VMS (Variable Message LED Sign/LED display) on Column


Circle Mandatory Sign, Color Inversion and Cluster 
in single colordual color and full color.


Physical Features:

 A louvered-face design to reduce glare and enhance contrast ratio on LED Module. The legibility is all it concerns.
 The state-of-the-art cabinet design enables to separate the whole sign into pieces for convenience in transportation and installation.
 The modular design allows the sign to be built in various size.
 LED module is sealed twice with the top-class brand silicon-gel to ensure good elasticity, aging-resistance, water-proof, dust-proof and UV- resistance. And the module is easy to remove for replacement.
 The cabinet has both forced air ventilation and natural heat-dissipation system. Its structure results internal air convection, to balance the ambience temperature in cabinet.
 All components, including the LED modules, power supplies, controlling boards and ventilation systems are easily accessed by opening the double-layer weather-resistant rear doors.
 The smart wiring of advanced power system and controlling system decreases EMC problems, and it offers convenience to maintenance people from customer’s company.


Controlling Features:

 System control using through Industrial PC, with inside a wide range of standard pictograms and messages stored in a library. Ability to display customized messages.
 The full matrix VMS/DMS enable to show MUTCD characters, logos, and other graphics. Nominal character sizes include 9 inches, 12 inches, and 20 inches.
 All models are available with amber, red/green or full color LED technology with either 30 degree viewing angles or others.
 The experienced R&D team has high flexibilty and ability to adapt to any existing communication protocol, including NTCIP.
 The diagnostic system simplifies maintenance by monitoring and reporting on the status of the LED modules, power systems, ventilation components, and more.



Freeway / Expressway / Managed Lanes / Toll Facilities / Tunnels / City Streets

            Functional Properties
Power Supply

AC Two phase 220V / 50Hz, 120V / 60Hz or

three phase 380 V / 50Hz (-15% to +10%)

Over-voltage / Over-current and Over-surge Protection Transient voltage and lightning protection,
fuses, air switch brake
Intensity regulation(Adjustment) Automatic or 32 grades by Manual
Color C2
Luminance >L3 (8000 - 15000 cd/m2)
Luminance Ratio R2 or R3 (Optional)
Beam Width

Better than B6

Horizontal - -15°~+15°        Vertical - -15°~+15°

Communication Interface RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial port, RJ-45 connector, 
optical fiber, optional GSM/GPRS TCP/IP, NTCIP
Service Port RS-232 / Ethernet
Protocol Compliance TCP/IP, NTCIP or others
Software Report Brightness, Failed LED, Temperature, AC/DC Voltage, Message & Connection, Unauthorized Door Open Alarm (optional)

  Mechanical and Environmental Properties
Housing Material Cold Rolled Steel, Alumnium Alloy
Housing Coating Powder coated paint for low reflection
Drainage Drainage cap
Ventilation Natural ventilation, forced air ventilation system
Housing Opening Rear side
Door Stop System Yes, upon request
Protection Level P2 (Front IP65; Rear IP54)
Pollution Resistance D2
Ambient Temperature Range Better than T2 ( -40°C ~ +55°C )
Earth Resistance <4Ω
Installation Gantry, Cantilever, Column


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