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LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous
LED screen control system > Synchronous control 

Internet cable transmission 100m. Multi-mode fiber optics transmission 500m; Single-mode optic fiber transmission 10km.LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

Synchronous LED display is mostly used for videos, graphics, text and announcements, which is always indoor or outdoor and in big sizes.

Synchronous LED Display equals to computer monitor, it shows point-to-point and in real time with computer monitor at a frame rate over 60 per second. It is able to display high gray scale colors, suitable for media and adverting.
It has Features of instantantly and rich expression. One complete synchronous system includes sending card, receiving card, and DVI graphic card.

Asynchronous control

LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

Asynchronous LED display system is also called offline LED system. Asynchronous display is mainly used to play text message, symbols, graphics and animations. Display content is edited by computer, transmitted by RS232/458 and saved in memo of LED control card. Then play programs one by one and in a loop. It is rich, colorful and various. It has simple operation and wide range of applications. Ordinary asynchronous LED display is only used for digit clock, text, and special symbols. Image-text asynchronous LED display supports analog-clock, courting-down, Images, tables and animations.

Remote control
RF Control

The solution for mono color screen asynchronous control system.RF transmission distance within 100m(barrier-free).

remark: only applied to monocolor led display
LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

RF wireless control card has embedded short-distance radio frequency modules into LED control card; it is stable and easy use and will lead the development of short distance RF technology equipped LED displays. It can transmit data to LED display without any wires.


  1. Monocolor LED display.
  2. Transmission distance ≤100meters


GPRS control

only applied to monocolor led display
LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

GPRS control card makes the GPRS based serial port data transmission possible.

It is user-friendly, stable and reliable; fully support DDNS (Dynamic Domain name server).

GPRS control LED display is widely used as outdoor advertising displays, LED lintel display, LED info-broadcast display, bus stop LED display.



Data wireless transmission

Support GPRS and text message.

Support TCP/IP, UDP.

Support-multi-baud rate (Default 57600bit/s)

International standard specification:

support GSM,(frequency range 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 1900MHz)

Wireless bridge

The solution for Asynchronous control system. the wireless transmission distance within 1KM(barrier-free).

LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

Wireless antennas control method can be applicated to every pitches LED screen. Transmit signals in 1km area 

through wireless antennas, including video, pictures, messages, etc, avoid the trouble to arrange signal transmission 


Its features: 

1. transmit high quality stable signals from computer to LED screen control card. 

2. fast transmission speed.


LED screen control system > Synchronous control Asynchronous

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