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Outdoor Advertising Video Display Structure
Outdoor LED Display Structure
Before the installation of big size outdoor led display, we'd need to build the steel structure onto the ground, the roof, or the wall, to support the whole led display system. In the domestic China market, sometimes the clients would need the led display manufacturers contract the whole engineering project. But for the overseas market, the construction of the steel structure are mostly contracted with the local engineering companies. And the led display suppliers would provide the led display cabinet drawing, as well as the steel structure drawing when required. The local professional engineering company would build the steel structure according to the drawing provided.
There are many factors need to be taken into consideration, when design and build the steel structure. We know it's impossible to describe all very well in one page, so here we'd just generally discuss about this topic.
1. We think no matter for what, safety is always the most important factor. When building the steel structure of led display, the bearing force of the structure is the most important - it must be strong enough to afford all the led display systems. And the possible windage resistance must be considered.
2. The protection of the led display is necessary. Most the big size led displays are with back doors. The ingress protection of this kind led display is not IP65. So it is necessary to cover the back side of the led display to make it weather resistance. Especially for the "simplified cabinet", the cover should be built very well - once the water entered, the led display equipments and devices would be damaged.
3. The maintenance convenience should be well considered. There would be a room behind of the led display panel, and usually it's integrated with the steel structure. The maintenance room must be able to place the possible devices such as switch box, control pc etc. And it must give the easy access for the possible maintenance.
There're also other factors need to be considered very well, but above are the 3 most important things, when design and build the steel structure of led display.
If you'd like, you could discuss more details with our sales engineers.
LED display structure
The LED display structure optimization
3.1 column the structure improvement
Because of the concrete filled steel tube bending moment, concrete will pull out by work, lead to bending stiffness down dramatically. Now consider inside reinforced concrete filled steel tube in add, concrete and steel pipe by bend produced the nuisance interaction force, thus improve the pillar bending stiffness. In the concrete filled steel tube match for reinforced, taking into account the pillar by bending and axial force near lesser, can consider to not try to reduce the weight of pillar. The bending stiffness specific computation formula is as follows:
For 30 mm diameter steel, sectional area
For their heart shape steel shaft section of the x axis of inertia approximate calculation formula:
(xi for reinforced to shape heart shaft distance)
So with reinforced concrete filled steel tube bending stiffness for:
The results from calculation, it is known that the pillar bending stiffness stiffness improve nearly 20%, in the actual engineering construction, also can see the effect.
Figure 1 concrete-filled steel tube column section
3.2 the LED display structure optimization basis
The LED display structure foundation is an important part of the structure, it will bear the upper structure to inherit all the load transfer to safety foundation, and keep the structural stability role. To ensure that the LED display structure security and stability, the requirement to resist the LED display itself based pressure caused by the force of bending moment and pull out.
The LED display structure design in general use of the foundation under column independent extended basic, this structure way need concrete and steel reinforced amount is large, poor economic performance, it is necessary to form of foundation to improve. Figure 2 for improved the LED display basic elevation and plan. Foundation for the bottom 10 x 4 m, floor thick 130 cm, 1400 x 400 respectively rib beam cm, 1600 x 400 m, 1800 x 400 m 3 kinds. The biggest characteristic is to use foundation beam slab structure instead of conventional independent foundation vertebral concrete, concrete consumption reduced.
Figure 2-a advertising base elevation figure 2-b advertising base plan
Checking the foundation bearing capacity whether meet the requirements:
Type: G as the foundation self-respect standard; W as the foundation of the bottom resistance moment; P Max, P min load effect respectively standard combination edge maximum pressure value based and minimum pressure value; Load N = 1669.5 KN, M = 12857 KN,
G = 8960 KN, A = 140 m 2,. According to provide data calculation P Max = 115.3 KPa, P min = 36.57 KPa.
Due to the characteristic value of subgrade bearing capacity fa = 131.43 KPa, P Max = 115.3 KPa < 1.2 fa = 157.7 KPa and, therefore, the LED display to meet the requirements of the bearing capacity of the foundation.
Four, the conclusion
This article mainly from the structure of the knowledge of the mechanics of independent column LED display optimization analysis. The main conclusions are:
(1) for the independent column LED display the load analysis, obtained the size of wind load; Through the analysis of structure stability, and calculates the pillar bending stiffness value.
(3) of independent column LED display pillar and structure optimization basis, the optimal results relatively reasonable, from stress and economic indicators, than conventional base bigger superiority.
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p20 display p16 display p8 display p6 display p5 display p4 display p3 display p20 panel p16 panel curve panel stage panel electronic panel
stadium panel rgb panel arc screen curtain led signs

The Structure and Components of LED displays


  LED display is made up of two parts: Main LED panel which is composed by several LED display units(Led cabinet or LED panel)that can connected together. This part is the main body of the LED display. another part is the controller. the controller can also devided into two parts: control board( hardware) and control system( software). The control board are include the sending card,receiving cards and computer. Multifarious display panels (or cabinet units) with different specifications and controllers with different control technology can be constituted into various kinds of LED screens to satisfy different application environments with diverse requirements.( such as video processor and multifunction card).

The Structure of the Screen:

1. Led module

No matter indoor or outdoor LED display, they all composed by LED modules. Led modules are include( LED lamps, driving IC, pcb board and module frame). its size can not be changed easily.

2. Display Panel

Display Panel is the main body of the screen. It is made up of light-emitting materials and driving circuit. The display panel of indoor and outdoor screen are unit cabinet.
Outdoor Advertising Video Display Structure
Outdoor Advertising Video Display Structure



3. Display Controller

Display controller are mainly include sending card, receiving cards and computer. The sending card should be installed inside the computer, the receiving cards should be installed inside the cabinets. usually one cabinet needs one receiving card.

4. Switching Power Supply

It is used to transform the 220V or 110V alternating current into all kinds of direct current to support various circuits.

5. Transmitting Cables

The display data and all kinds of controlling signals generated by the host controller are transmitted through twisted-pair cables to the screen.

6. Scanning Control Board

The function of it is to cushion the data, generate all kinds of scanning signals and duty cycle grey scale control signals.

7. Special Videocard and Multifunction Card

The special videocard of full color  8. Other information sources and devices

Including computer, TV set, blue-ray disc, DVD, VCD, video camera and recorder and so on. 

Customized Product > LED Display Structure
can make different pitch and structure as per customer’s request. We have rich experience in structure design and many structures has been applied for patent.

Pitch Choice



Pixel Pitch


RGY tri-color




RGB full-color






RGY tri-color
RGB full-color









Structure Model Choice

Rear access

Front access

Front Access with Front PC Cover

Double-sided Structure with Double Sides Access

Arch Structure

Sign in Corner

Front Access, One Cabinet with Two Doors

Rental Structure

Other customized structure


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