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LED display panel/LED display module

LED display panel/LED display module

Applications: Our product abroad apply finance company such as banks,stock,insurance etc police,fire control,traffic,court,custom etc;public service such as telecom,power supply,school,hospital,shopping,station,airport,dock,chamber,hall,plaza,park community ect.

5V40A Power supply /Switch power
single or double -color system asynchronous control card
single or double -color system synchronous control
Colorful Control System(Lingxingyu)
Waterproof case
LED display installation steps:
Assemble the cabinets on the structure.
Connect the UTP cables between cabinets.
Connect the AC cables between cabinets.
Install sending cards.
Connect the DVI Cable between Sending Card and Graphic Card.
Connect the COM cable between Sending card and computer.
Conect the UTP cables between sending card and Receiving card.
Turn on control computer.
Install LED studio software (see attached CD).
Turn on LED display.
1Set the display model in “clone mode” in the window of Graphic Card properties.
Use the led studio to control the display.

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