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LED Trivision video Billboard

LED Trivision video Billboard 


LED Trivision Billboard combines the advantages of LED screen and ordinary Trivision. The ordinary Trivision faces are made of prisms turning on their axle offering 3 rotative sides and therefore 3 advertising spaces. Our LED Trivision developed one face into LED screen and kept the other two same as ordinary Trivision. In daytime, our LED Trivision Billboard displays two printing advertising pictures cyclically and at night it turns to the full color LED screen.

LED Trivision video Billboard

P16 Specifications:

Pixel Pitch: 16.2mm;

Pixel Density: 3810dots/sq.m;

Average power consumption: 195w/sq.m;

Module size: 123mm*258mm

Module pixels: 16*8

Configuration: 1R+1G+1B;

Chip Package: DIP346;

Control Mode: Synchoronic;

Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz;

Refresh Rate: 540Hz;

Driving Mode: Static;

Min best viewing distance: 16.2m

Gray Grade: monochromic 12 bit

Brightness: 2800-2950CD/sq.m;

IP Grade: IP65;

Defects Rate: less than 1/5000;

Life Span: more than 50000H;

Module Voltage: 12V;

Frame Size: W145mm*D155mm;

Prism Size: 125mm;

Motor Power: 90W Panasonic;

Control System: Schneider PCL/SR2;

Max Working Period: 6;

Suspend Time: 0-99s;

Software: LED studio;

Signal Interface: DVI

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