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SMD LED Strip Curtain LED DIP LED strip curtain
DIP LED strip curtain
The Light, Thin, and See-through Leasing-type LED Display Applicable to All-weather
Strip curtain is the most applicable and have the widest use among curtain type products. Its luminosity reaches 5500 nits. IP65 and 60% transparency makes it weatherproof to any adverse environment. The masterpiece design makes it super operative and maintainable in project installation. As a flagship product, it meanwhile has excellent display quality.

SMD  LED Strip Curtain LED DIP LED strip curtain
Convenient and Safe Installation:
The strip curtain is suspended mounted and assembled, and such installation approaches adopt the patent of invention to ensure rapid assembly and dismantal, as well as the flatness of the installed whole display; it is shown from the testing data by the third-party testing institutes: the bearable ultimate tension of the assembly body reaches up to 10000N, and is available to bear 20 lines of products;
Easy to Maintain:
The curtain adopts the unique LED embedded strip structure and the modularized power and signal integrated structure, easy in maintenance (2 minutes available for replacement of single LED bar, 5 minutes available for replacement of power box); and it can display the working state of power and signal; in the event that any display doesn’t work, it is available to help you quickly determine “what does matter really?” and also make the proper maintenance measures;
Individually Removable and Replaceable:
Any faulted part on the whole display can be directly removed and replaced without removal of other products, thus helping you solve any sudden failure quickly;
Highly Protective and Applicable to Rainy Weather:
It is shown from the detecting data by third-party professional institutes: the protection level of B series of strip curtains can reach up to IP65, and the product is applicable to any rainy weather, thus can be used in outdoor environments;
Lightweight (6.5-10 kg / bar):
The weight of single bar is only 6.5-10 kg, easily picked up by one person, greatly convenient for installation and movement.
The product adopts the pixel strip structure, its transparency rate reaches 35% -65%, and its air resistance is very low, the data from third-party testing organizations show: it can bear up to Grade 12 wind power, and applicable to any windy weather;
Its thinnest edge is only 15-40mm, taking less space, saving your stage space and transport & packing space, thus greatly convenient for installation and movement.
Super-broad Viewing Angle (Only for Surface Mounted Products)
If the viewing angle is within 150 ℃, the color temperature of displayed image is consistent; bringing your stage more optimal viewing area;
Lossless Grayscale Brightness Adjustment (Only for Surface Mounted Products)
The lossless grayscale brightness adjustment level is up to 256 level, even in the case of the minimum brightness, each color still remains over 4096 grayscale performance, fully applicable to various working environments and ensuring color expressive effect;
Patented LED Light-emitting Component (Only for SMD Products)
It adopts the patented technology  to protect the LED light-emitting components, and ensure the outdoor performance and service life of light-emitting components effectively;
Qualified in Many International Standard Certifications:
The product is designed in strict compliance with the corresponding international standards such as CE, RoHS, FCC, and ETL;
Professional-grade Connectors, Safe and Reliable:
The connectors adopt professional aviation connectors, safe and reliable, the protection level is not lower than IP65, and it’s available to be quickly assembled and unassembled;
High-quality Power Supply, Stable and Reliable:
The product adopts the high quality power supply, further ensuring the stable long-term operation.

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