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outdoor SMD LED display advantage

In the past, outdoor full color LED display screen mostly used DIP LEDs, and SMD LED display is primarily used indoors. However, with the development of LED chip technology and LED encapsulation technology, now the full color/RGB SMD LED display can not only meet the brightness and protection grade requirement for outdoor use, but also offer many otherv as follows:


1.The SMD LED display has a wider viewing angle of over 160 degrees.

2.The SMD LED display achieves better brightness matching.

  The red,green and blue three chips are fitted in one cup, so the brightness matching of these three colors is highly uniform despite the viewing angle, ensuring higher display quality.

3.The SMD LED display provide better light mixture.

  Due to the 3-in-1 structure, the three chips are very close to each other to mix lights in the same cup. This is enables the display to provide better light mixed effect than that of DIP oval LED screen.

4.The SMD LED display has high contrast
outdoor SMD LED display advantage

  The SMD 3-in-1 LED is smaller in size, and accordingly, the light-emitting area is smaller, so the black area is larger. This helps improve the contrast ratio of the display.

5.The SMD LED display has better color uniformity

  The wave width of the red, green and blue colors is less than 5 nm, and wave length of each color is a normal distribution

6.After 3.000 hours of operation, the SMD LED type display ensures the average attenuation of red, green and blue is less than 5%, and the attenuation discreteness will be below +10%

7. The use of new PPA material and silica gel material makes it possible for the display to reach IP67 waterproof, dustproof requirements and level-3 moisture-proof standards

8. Our SMD LED display is UV resistant. The yellowing ratio is lower than 5% after 10000 hours of outdoor operation

9. The failure rate of the SMD LEDs is no more than 50 ppm within 3000 hours.



Most of outdoor fullcolor LED display series whose pixel pitch is more than 14mm are made of DIP 546 LED. DIP has the advantage of high brightness. 


Comparing to SMD 3in1, the disadvantages of DIP do exist. Taking something for example, convenient maintenance of SMD, big view angle, color saturation, color conformity and so on. They are all advantages of SMD comparing to DIP. The only disadvantage of SMD is the less brightness than DIP. 

However, with the development of IC, encapsulation technology and control system, brightness of SMD is being improved, which can measure up to the outdoor utilization requirement. 

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