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what is the difference between the LED Screen DIP module, Matrix Module and SMD module?
1,what is the difference between the DIP module, Matrix Module and SMD module? 

DIP module is applying LED DIP lamps. It is the brightest one in all the 3 kind of the technology, and extensively applied in outdoor display for the brightness and mature technology for water proof. But the disadvantage is the pixel diameter can't be too small. At present, the smallest full color DIP pixel is P8 in the market. It can't be even smaller; 
SMD module is applying LED SMD lamps, 3 color chips packaged in 1 lamp. The advantage is small pixel diameter, such as P3, P4, P5, etc. But it is not bright enough and water proof is not good enough for rough weather. So it is more applied for indoor LED display, kinds of sign; 
Matrix module is an outdated technology in the market in some extent. It is seldom applied in full color LED display, only in monochrome and dual-color, tri-color display products. The advantage is low cost. It is the most cheap one in the 3 kinds of modules, but lower brightness, no water proof. So it is applied in many indoor scrolling message display, large message center, message box or something;

what is the difference between the LED Screen DIP module, Matrix Module and SMD module?
2, what is the difference between the outdoor LED moving display, window LED moving display and the indoor LED moving display? 
Outdoor LED moving display applies DIP modules, with high brightness, good water proof, steel cabinet. It is completely capable of outdoor weather. But it costs the most in the 3 series; 
Window LED moving display applies DIP modules or SMD modules for high brightness, but no water proof. Because it is used indoor, and facing to street, high brightness is necessary to catch the passengers' attention. Due to no water proof and only aluminum frame are used, it costs less than the outdoor LED moving display; 
Indoor LED moving display is for completely indoor use, most applying LED matrix module. Though it is not so bright as the former two, but it is the most cheap one in the 3 kinds of products. And it is proved good enough for indoor use. It is the best price quality one for indoor use.

3, How to choose a suitable LED moving display? 
When choosing a LED moving display, please consider some factors, 
A, where it will be used? Outdoor, window or indoor use? 
B, what size is suitable for the installation site? 
C, after installation, is it suitable for operation by PC or by remote controller? 
D, what is the minimum viewing distance? 
According to the 4 factors above, to choose a most suitable model. 

4, do you have a super slim LED moving message display? 
Yes, we have super slim LED moving message display, it is only 18mm depth, 1 line led moving message display.

5, are all you products listed in the website? 
No. Only standards models are listed in the website. We accept kinds of customized LED display and OEM manufacturing. Let us know your requirement, a right solution will be offered.
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