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Video and LED information Displays


Video and LED information Displays
offer you the most imposant results in electronic information. Text, graphics, pictures, time & temperature, speed and of course video can be displayed.
You have the choice of enough standard models but of course we can also offer a lighting system that fully meets your demands and requirements.
An automatic brightness sensor, combinated with the latest software make sure you have the perfect sight by all weather conditions.
All our (full color) LED displays are produced according the newest techniques and latest standards.
The dimensions and pitches of the LED lighting systems depend on the viewing distance and target of the screen. Our advisors can help you with your choice!
Video and LED information Displays
Mobile video screen
LED video wall full color RGB advertising displays
Mobile video screen 1
LED video wall full color RGB advertising displays
_LED video wall full color RGB advertising displays
Technical specifications:
Mounted on a mast which is placed in a container. This container can obtain as decoration, planter or just as a ballast.
Mounted on the wall of a building
Mounted on a rolling chassis, trailer or (skid) framework (LED video trailer)
The cast is completely made out of aluminum, and afterwards conservated in each RAL color you want.
The displays have an automatic brightness sensor
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