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ED Display Price, LED Screen Price, LED display quotation
ED Display Price, LED Screen Price, LED display quotation

LED Display Price, LED Screen Price, Buy LED Display 
LED Display Price,unit led screen pricelist and best price for led sign 
LED display quotation,LED display price list,LED display manufacturer
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Stores, square, stadiums, station, airport, park, ports, comprehensive building, hotel, etc
1, using high quality LED display special chip design, have high brightness, large Angle, uv, antistatic etc. Characteristics
2, the entire automated production process, improve the products reliability stability
3, screen body high brightness design to ensure the long-term use of screen brightness of body for outdoor use requirements.
4, aluminum box design, installation is convenient, light weight, can be used for leasing scheme
5 energy-saving design, the industry leading, lower power consumption, to live longer, can effectively reduce the power consumption of 25-50%, low carbon environmental protection for clients to save electricity
6, use hd broadcast system, color number can reach 1.07 billion color, can be as high as 4800 Hz refresh rate, gray can be as high as 65536 level.
7, support point by point correction function, ensure the process color brightness of consistency
8, with makings fastidious, ensure high temperature, low temperature, high huity application environment.
9, before they leave the factory tight control of quality, must be approved by aging, waterproof, vibration strict test, to ensure that before they leave the factory zero the failure
10, former maintenance design, no need to maintain channel, reduce the screen body thickness
11, mask, the pure PC material design, which can effectively reduce off color.
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