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P8 SMD 3230 outdoor Full Color Traffic Guidance LED Screen Sign
For roadway and traffic systems field GTL offers the LED display that includes Dot-Matrix Variable Message Sign, Embedded Variable-message sign, Compound Variable-message sign and PIS Information screen. All these products are up-to-date solutions for difficult interchanges where it is necessary to deliver a wide range of information according to varying times or road situations. Our LED digital boards can display on-line information and warning messages, detour routes and any other graphics.. There are the following color solutions available: amber, red, pure green and full-color with more than 281 trillion colors. Brightness adjusting system of GTL traffic display prevents blinding, provides comfortable viewing of information by those on the road at any time of a day or night, allows up to a 30% energy savings and significantly extends the LEDs lifetime .GTL traffic LED display has been installed on city streets, near transport junctions, at the intersection of key transport and pedestrian flows, in reverse and/or combined traffic areas, on highways, on approaches to railway terminals, airports and bridges, near gas stations, and in parking places all over the world. They make it possible to control transport flows in peak hours, prohibiting or allowing traffic in certain segments, to control parking places, to change speed limits based on weather conditions, to warn of children going to school, etc. The capability for flexible traffic control and prompt message adjustment can considerably raise the level of road traffic safety.

Applications  in road equipment and signage include:Traffic management: Traffic signals, Pedestrian signals, Work zone warning lights,Variable message signs Commercial outdoor advertising: Signs, Marquees Solar powered signs.

P8 SMD 3230 outdoor Full Color Traffic Guidance LED Screen Sign 
SMD outdoor Full Color Traffic Guidance LED Display Sign Features:
High contrast level, color depth and uniformity provide vivid image
High brightness makes it possible to be used under direct sunshine
Multiple brightness control method, automatic, manual and program control
Automatic temperature control
Easy and convenient service and maintenance
Stable and reliable design
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