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LED display Wireless 3G Communication Solution

LED display Wireless 3G Communication Solution

Communication theory introduction: LED control card will auto connect to the Led Editor service center running in remote PC-console through domain name parameter so as to building up a communication link

LED display Wireless 3G Communication Solution
WIFI solution 
Hardware: Wireless access point (WAP), xixun led controller, network 
Software: xixun software 
Connection diagram: 
 Take TL-WA801N(WAP for short) and an M card for example:
When you have a WAP in hand, you will see following information on the 
back side: 
IP address: 
User: admin 
Password: admin 
1. Setup WAP 
Connect this WAP with PC via network cable directly. I am following 
the guidance book: 
Set PC’s Local IP address: 
Subnet mask: 
2. Open Internet Explore and write down IP of WAP: 
Write down user name and password 
3. Now you are in setup interface, just following the guidance, 
Start- wireless working mode 
Choose Client and Next  
4. Now setup for Client mode: 
There is a Scan option, press it and then it will search WIRELESS 
HOPSPOT nearby, you choose one and then it asked for Password. If this 
hotspot has a password then enter, if no then no need to write down, 
leave it alone. 
 Here are the lists of hotspots near my office, I choose one and then press 
Then it will auto recognize the SSID (FAST_FCF642) and MAC 
Now press next and enter DHCP part, no need to do anything here, just 
go on for next step 
Now it saying setup finished, WAP will restart, OK. Press Restart button. 
 5. Setup controller. 
Connecting led controller with PC via network cable directly; detect 
controller IP address and then Enter Hardware setup. 
Here are three parts need to set. 
One is IP address 
 Subnet mask 
Make sure that IP address and default should be in the same network 
Server information, no need to change anything if use our server, just 
press Send. 
Data center: write down your own user name and press Send.  
6. Finished controller setup now. 
7. Then you move the PC away, connecting WAP with led controller via 
network cable directly and so as to get accessing to internet. 
8. Then PC in office or at home getting internet could send program to 
led controller. 
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