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Advertising LED display wireless control(wireless router)
Advertising LED Display
Advertising LED display wireless control(wireless router)
    LED display in advertisement field is superior to the traditional advertising boards.
Now is getting more and more popular. It’s easy to control and use, the contents can be
changed by just a small laptop.
    The advertising display can be controlled in either synchronous or asynchronous way,
and can be controlled remotely. Graph 1 shown below gives the most popular control method:
Advertising LED display wireless control(wireless router)
    By using the wireless router, and wireless network card, it’s very easy to realize the
control within 100m. if the distance is more than 100m, but less than 300m, AP router will
be a good choice.
3G wireless solution for LED full color display
3G wireless control system contains four parts: customer-side software ---LedEditor; Led Data server; LedDataSever software and terminal devices. It is a functional system, which can make and send programs, manage multi-screen and display multi-media advertisements. With these functions, it could be used in many industries including advertising, education, transportation, communication, medication and retail
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