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LED Cubo video Pantallas Vídeo de LED Ecrans
Sistemas Electrónicos a LED
Pantallas Vídeo de LED
Systèmes LED
Ecrans  a LED  vidéo
Cube LED video
LED Panels
LED panels provide visibility optimized
 The digital signs are inescapable hooks. This solution captures the eye of consumers through:
bright colors
marked contrast
Anxious to attract the attention of your customers, this system allows you to get your message.
Whether you want to include your physical location, conveying a message or inform consumers about offers, delays or changes whatsoever, the digital signs are a great way to communicate your messages just in time.
Urban large LED display screen system
The city displays provide informative and advertising essential function throughout the year and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Our Product Range
Diversity that combines design and services.
Our goal
Meet the advertising needs of advertisers.
LED Panels
SMD LED panel
Advanced technology
SMD LED panel has the most advanced technology.
the three basic colors are included in a single component. Even closely it is very difficult to distinguish.
SMD LEDs do not reflect light.
They can:
obtaining a very good contrast
a uniform distribution of light and omnidirectional
Unmatched color fidelity.
Traditional LED panel
A powerful solution
The image is perfectly clear, even during the day and exposed to direct sunlight, and the screen is resistant to cope with potential shocks and to the various elements.
The traditional panel LED is the perfect choice for a clear and fluid return messages from your advertisers.
The higher the pixel is smaller and the image definition is of quality.
The differences between the SMD and LED Traditional
The brightness SMD LED panel is the same at the front and sides while the traditional LED panel varies from 60 to 70%.
SMD LED does not reflect ambient light. It is 3 times more visible in the sun and the colors are much more natural.
SMD screens are flat, while those equipped with traditional LEDs are composed of small domes that make the contrast very homogeneous
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