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Solution for Rental & Stage LED Displays
Solution for Rental & Stage LED Displays

Requirements for rental and stage LED display

  • Small pixel pitch to provide perfect images for audience seated in front rows
  • High refresh rate to ensure flicker-free images for live broadcast
  • Appropriate brightness to provide comfortable viewing for the audience
  • Antistatic to avoid LED lamps damage of static electricity from the costumes or other sources
  • Antiglare to prevent glare from disturbing the audience especially in case of light shining
  • Uniform and stable pictures to deliver perfect images for the audience
  • No noise to avoid disturbance to the show on the stage
  • Long life span To maximize the benefits of customers for 5 to 8 years or even longer life span

Solution for Rental & Stage LED Displays

Technical solution for rental and stage LED display

1. High-quality Components

  • LED lamps: High-brightness and antistatic LED lamps with wide viewing range and lower power consumption and antistatic ability of 2000V.
  • Driving IC: Constant current LED driving ICs with current gain control; the light decay can be controlled to maintain a stable brightness.
  • Connectors: Aircraft-grade reliable connectors, ensuring stable power supply and data transmission.
  • Antiglare mask: Patented new-style antiglare mask on the surface of LED display absorbs direct light to eliminate light reflection, thus no glare will disturb the audience. It also improves contrast ratio and enlarges the viewing angle of the display.
  • Die-casting aluminum cabinet: thin, light and precise die-casting aluminum cabinets, achieving seamless connection between cabinets, easy to transport and convenient to assemble and disassemble. Side lock and hanging mechanism make quick assembly.
  • Video processor: Professional video professor, supporting various video signals such as AV, S-Video, RGB, YPBPR, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, etc.

2. Advanced Control Technology

  • Calibration: Adopting Pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration technique to keep uniform brightness and natural colors of LED display.
  • Adjustable brightness: Adjusting screen brightness manually, appropriate and comfortable for the audience.
  • Double backup system: When one control system falls into malfunction, the other one will back up and start work immediately.
  • High refresh rate: Using special controller and driving ICs to guarantee refresh rate at least 1200 Hz.
  • Live broadcast: Providing live broadcast with professional video professor or video server for any events such as concerts, shows, conventions, trade expo, sports, etc.

3. Effective Solution

  • Small pixel pitch: Providing high quality images for the audience by a variety of PH2.54, PH3, PH3.81, PH4.5, PH5.08, PH6, PH6.09, PH7.62, PH9, PH9.375, PH10, PH12, etc.
  • Uniform and stable pictures: Adopting high-quality LED lamps, high consistency constant current driving IC,and  high-end control system, to achieve high refresh rate, high gray scale, uniform colors and stable pictures.
  • Easy installation: Specially designed side lock and hanging mechanism as well as lightweight cabinet make quick assembly.
  • Energy saving: Adopting the techniques of LED lamps with low driving current, adjustable brightness, efficient power supply with PFC, less heat dissipation, and appropriate power distribution from control system.
  • Heat dissipation: Fanless design for the display cabinets without noise, combined with special low power LED, professional module circuit and thermal design, and high-efficiency power supply, drastically reducing working temperature with lower light decay
  • Long life span: Benefiting from energy saving design, high quality LED lamps, effective heat dissipation, adjustable brightness, all-round protection, and efficient power supply with PFC.
  • Protection: IP65 standard cabinets (fully water proof) for outdoor rental use.

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