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Architecture LED media facade LED building facades LED multimedia facades
Architecture LED media facade LED building facades LED multimedia facades
Our skills and experience in tailor-making LED displays have made us a leader and benchmark in the architectural field, both for indoor and outdoor locations.
Our indoor LED screens represent a choice of style, a new design that will revolutionize the look of your venue, giving a new dimension to the space.
Several retailers, fashion and design brands, such as Armani, Bershka, Dolce&Gabbana, Kiko, Valentino etc have decided to use our displays to decorate their stores.

Architecture LED media facade LED building facades LED multimedia facades
Even for outside, we can offer a deal of solutions for installations of greatest impact, for example building facades, which come followed in every step from the initial design phase to the final realization.
In addition to “traditional” displays, it’s possible to choose from one of the following innovative product lines, for exclusive projects:
SOFT-LED: a special LED configuration made with individual pixels/clusters, ideal to realize extra-ordinary multimedia facades, spectacular at night.
NET-LED: a system composed by innovative LED stripes hooked up to a special structure that guarantees a transparent effect of up to 70% and a weight much lower than standard LED screens.
PRINT-LED: advertising sign with digital printing during the day (static) and LED full-color display during the night (dynamic).
STEP-LEDinnovative LED floor for really interactive locations.
Suggest your idea for a dynamic site or to renovate your boutique with unique style, We can realize everything is your mind.
Do not hesitate to ask for your QUOTATION!
For this type of installations, you can choose any  controller, depending on the functions and effects you want to bring to your LED display.
In case of installations integrated with audio and lighting, it is possible to implement DMX protocol.

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