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SPORT Custom LED displays for stadiums and halls Indoor & Outdoor
Turn any match into an unforgettable event with  LED Screens!
 We can provide top quality LED video screens and LED scoreboards with the option of integrating clocks, chronometers and alphanumeric displays, to meet the demand for any type of sport, facilitating audience enjoyment and entertainment.

SPORT Custom LED displays for stadiums and halls Indoor & Outdoor
Some of the results of this design of custom made infotainment systems for stadiums and arenas can be viewed in San Siro Stadium in Milan, Olympic Stadium in Rome, Stade Louis II in Montecarlo, Philip II in Skopje, Newlands Stadium in Cape Town, the Olympic Stadium in Caracas, Bellerive Oval in Tasmania, Australia, 12 stadiums in Saudi Arabia and many others.
The software can manage different types of files, text, animation, photos and videos; also slow motion and replay can be broadcast; advertising, live video, scorecoard are combined for a show in the show, entertaining the audience at 360°.
Also in sport application we realize custom-made installations with every kind of resolution, dimensions, shapes,  under strict regulations in force in any country. The complete screen personalization allows you to create innovative sport systems and to adapt to any pre-existing structures too.
Do not hesitate to ask for your QUOTATION!
 the professional system  dedicated to sporting events, you can take control of the game with.  allows you to manage all the main functions of the screen from remote, such as turn on / off, brightness and contrast adjust and it also allows for the visualisation of various contents, alternating from advertising messages to videos and scorecards. The simplicity and speed of use combined with amazing picture quality (refresh rate at 3800 Hz and image processing of 16 bits) make sure the audience is kept in touch in the most spectacular way.
offer the most advanced sport event management system currently available. Keeping unchanged all the win-win features , this system adds up more sophisticated software  Sport , through which you can review the replay of the last actions occurred within seconds and display slow motion in real time. To get a constant control over the unfolding of the game, offers a complete control room composed by a preview monitor and 4 LCD displays through which you can handle all the available PC funtions. Implementing a high performance video capture card, it also enables receiving all possible audio and video analogue and digital signals, for a perfect visualization of high-resolution pictures.
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