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sports stadiums & arena Perimeter Advertising Boards banner displays
PAB (Perimeter Advertising Board) banner displays represent the future of communication and advertising inside stadiums and arenas. Thanks to the latest developments, it is possible to realize installations of any length, capable of transmitting the same message or different messages all around the perimeter of the field. The advanced technology utilized here ensures perfect definition for  shooting, bringing the communication within a sport facility up to a brand new level, guaranteeing a sold-out in the advertising campaign, being the system perfectly visible either from the audience of the event and the TV spectators. LED perimetral systems are intended to replace the old static banners in stadiums and arenas all around the world. The bright and lively pictures, the chance to alternate an increasing number of commercials for the most comprehensive programme schedule can not but contributing to the growing success of this product line. The bright and animated images, the interchange of more and more advertising messages are the core of the growing success of this kind of product, which make special your show schedule.
During these last years,  reached a great experience in this application thanks to some partnerships with global sport marketing agencies, with the realization of several systems for every kind of sport, indoor and outdoor installations. A wide choice and great mechanical and electronic improvements, for easiest installation and management.
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sports stadiums & arena Perimeter Advertising Boards banner displays
sports stadiums & arena Perimetral Advertising Boards banner displays Controller
Banner: The special controller  offer the best possible performance in digital perimetral signage, taking into account the video quality needed to view images live or broadcast on TV. To make the visualization even more spectacular, DLX Banner can display a single file all along the entire perimeter of the playing field for an unprecedented continuity effect.
The versatility of the perimetral panels allow them to be mounted as traditional LED video screens in various sizes, the controller will let you set it up with no extra devices needed.
 Banner guarantees an exciting performance, accepts any type of audio and video signals, visualizes high definition pictures and permits the control of each and every function of the screen.
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