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EVENTS & TRUCKS mobile Modular LED Displays for rental & staging Indoor & Outdoor
Born to be leaders in the world of entertainment,  modular LED screens are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in indoor and outdoor events and TV studios. Make a spectacular backstage very quickly with rigging or stand-alone panels that simplify and speed up assembly and dismantling. The wide range of LED panels of different sizes and resolutions, all lightweight and easy to handle, in combination with the super professional control system Live, allow for different solutions to achieve stunning visual impact of any creative and interactive events.
 truck-mounted systems are an even faster and flexible way to create a show and catch people’s eyes in any type of outdoor event. Choose the best solution between trailers with video screens installed of different sizes, from 6 up to 84 m², that can be perfectly adapted to small or large gigs such as the Moto GP in Misano or Formula 1 in Monza that for years have been using our mobile screens to cover communication throughout the tracks.
can provide a wide range of LED panels and mobile solutions for indoor and outdoor events. Choose the most suitable resolution and model for your gig or have them assembled them on truck and trailers.

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Live Controller
Live-SD: this is an advanced hardware controller representing the entry level gear to manage LED screens for events and concerts, with a pixel resolution up to 1024×768. Animations and images can be captured from different video sources (camera, video camera, videotape, DVD, TV) and most common analogue and digital signals in all formats (PAL, SECAM, NTSC). Through DLX Live-SD it is possible to view any video and text, animations and photos on the LED screen as if it was a PC monitor.
 Live-X HD: The last generation technologies being utilised here,  Live-X HD system will display high definition pictures, from any source and digital signals (including HDMI and HD-SDI) with unparalleled quality and can control LED screens with a resolution of up to 1024×768 pixels each.
The great potential of this gear is also capitalized by Picture in Picture mode, PIP, to visualize simultaneously on the same monitor different files from different signals.
 Live-SX HD: with the same features as  Live-X HD implemented, the maximum screen resolution that can be controlled in this case is taken up to 1280 x 1024 pixels.
 Live-WUX HD: with the same features as  Live-X HD implemented, the maximum screen resolution that can be controlled in this case is taken up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, so tu FULL HD.

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