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questions asking for prices for LED scoreboards
questions asking for prices for LED scoreboards
Here is a Specification Sheet that can be used by clubs when asking for prices for LED scoreboards. Modify it as you wish.
(1) The Purpose: The scoreboard offered and provided must be fit for use outdoors to display scorelines for Football and Cricket. It must be full colour and support the easy display of sponsor's advertising.
(2) Pixel Pitch: The True or Physical Pixel Pitch must be no greater than 25mm. This means that the spacing between the Blue LEDs must not be greater than 25mm.
( Warning ) When talking about Pixel Pitch always, always ask the exact distance between the Blue LEDs. This is the true pixel pitch. Some suppliers will claim that with smart software their displays with Blue LEDs 40mm apart will be a good as displays with Blue LED's 20mm apart.
(3) True Pitch: Virtual Pixel Pitch or Enhanced Pixel Viewing is not acceptable.
(4) The Scoreboard Cabinets must be fully weatherproof.
(5) How many lines of characters 300mm in height can your display show at one time ?
(6) How many characters 300mm in height can your display show on any one line ?
(7) In your answer to (5) how many pixels are the lines spaced apart.
(8) What is the brightness rating (NITs) of your display ?

questions asking for prices for LED scoreboards
(9) Does your price include any form of dimming for night time use ?
(10) What is the resolution of the scoreboard you are offering ? (True Pixels Wide x True Pixels High)
(11) Describe the functions included in the scoring software offered.
(12) Describe how Sponsor's Advertsiements are shown.Please state whether they can be compiled for sequential playing.
(13) Does the scoring software have any statistical gathering features ?
(14) Describe Vandal Proofing Features included in your offer.
(15) Does your quotation include the total design and installation, including the structure, footings and cabling ?
(16) Does your quotation include Engineering Certification of the Structure ?
(17) Please provide contact details of the client who has purchased the largest scoreboard you have installed in Australia.
(18) Please state the number of scoreboards you have supplied where the scoreboard component was (1) over $20,000.00, (2) over $50,000.00, and (3) over $100,000.00.
(19) Where can we view a scoreboard of exactly the same resolution and brightness rating as the one offered ? If not the same resolution please state the variation.
(20) Please advise who we call on game day if the screen fails to start up.
(21) Please describe in detail your warranty terms. Specify what we must pay for in order to obtain a warranty repair.
(22) Please state where we should locate the scoreboard/screen for optimum viewing and quote any costs involved in providing power and data cabling to this site.
(23) Your quotation must include an AFL siren and a description of how the timing component of your software will operate this siren. How do we operate it manually ?
(24) Please describe the preferred maintenance schedule.
(25) Please state the exact items of spare parts provided to us within the quoted price.
(26) Please describe the training procedure and telephone support.
(27) Withn our Club there are members with various skills and resources. Please state in detail what design assistance you will provide should we attempt to build our own structure. (please state if there are any costs involved).
(28) What is the completion time frame once an order is placed ?
(29) Where your scoreboard/screen displays numerals can letters be shown instead or are these character positions only for numerals ?
(30) Your quoted price should show the component prices for (1) the scoreboard/screen delivered to our site but not installed (2) the structure delivered to site but not installed (3) the installation of the structure including the footings etc (4) the installation of the scoreboard/screen onto the structure and (5) cabling both power and data including connections.
(31) Is there a remote On/Off switch for your scoreboard located near the scoring computer ?
(32) Do you manufacture your own structures in house or do you contract them out ?
(33) Where is the nearest installation to our proposed site that your company has completed ?
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