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Core technology of outdoor SMD LED DISPLAY BOARD product
Core technology 1 of outdoor SMD LED Screen 
 old SMD outdoor display used to have poor  heat dissipation and water proof, dead lights, brightness attenuation scene.
     Our company three core technologies to eradicate existing Outdoor SMD display low quality defects, so SMD outdoor display with high-quality light and color along with a high stability.

    Our company core technology one: SMD LED structure with superior thermal and waterproof capability.
1.Solely-owned SMD copper plated metal stents "heat sink" type design make LED chip and module aluminum shell heat directly, PCB no longer resistance against heat,with a better thermal conductivity.   
2.Unique low-pin SMD waterproof sealant so easy to implement, with aluminum structure makes SMD lights were all six sides Sealant, have to "immersion" type of waterproof effect
3.The unique SMD pin technology,makes the heat generated by SMD lamps to dissipate completely.

Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product
Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product
Our company's two core technologies: Aluminum Module mask Bottom structure ensures cooling capacity to implement and long-term deformation.
1、The unique design of aluminum shell and SMD thermal conductive stents transmit heat SMD made from high thermal conductivity silver metal stent to the bottom of aluminum shell, then keep SMD’s working
temperature in reliable working area.(Usually lower than 55°)
2、The special stress design and spraying treatment surface make the aluminum metal mask keep a decade with no deformation meanwhile。
Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product

A.The route of heat sink: SMD emit heat→stents pin→PCB→finally heat dissipation by defect heat sink PCB
B. Waterproof effect: only rely on near 1mm sealing glue layer as 1/2 height of SMD(1.6mm-2.5mm height) stents pin for PCB front.
Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product

A. Conduct heat、heat dissipation route: SMD emit heat→heat sink type” silvering support→back shell aluminum board、shield→heat dissipation by aluminum board
B. Waterproof effect: fist time injection molding at the bottom of SMD stents pin, second sealing on PCB front,
sealing glue on between of PCB back and aluminum board, having six surfaces heat dissipation effect.
ur company's third core technology: able to six-sided waterproof thermal module
Able to six-sided waterproof thermal module: module six faces are aluminum, with a good cooling conditions so no built-in exhaust fan forced cooling. Both accomplish the most energy-efficient and reduces the brightness decay,and cut off from the body of harmful gases on the internal electronics module erosion, so that more long-term stable operation of the electronic components.

Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product
Core <wbr>technology <wbr>of <wbr>outdoor <wbr>SMD <wbr>LED <wbr>DISPLAY <wbr>BOARD <wbr>product
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