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Mesh outdoor rent curtain LED screen
Mesh outdoor rent curtain LED screen
P16 /25 /50 /30 - flexible P20 - flexible P15
LED curtain. A modern LED display solution, a direct upgrade option for billboards and bigboards. Thanks to the low weight while maintaining high brightness it is possible to upgrade a standard billboard to LED display without major changes to the supporting construction. The transparency and low weight enable use on building's exteriors, where common LED displays could not be used due to higher weight and low transparency. Usage for events is a chapter by itself – rental LED displays. Huge surfaces, podium backgrounds – ideal uses for LEDbow LED curtain screen. A special line of LED curtain screens  – for flexibility. Creating arcs, circles and waves from LED displays has never been easier.
direct replacement of common LED displays, paper billboards and bigboards. For rent or permanent installations.
With its light and transparent design the  panel is the ideal solution for rent as well as permanent installations. The panel is designed so that it becomes the default solution for concerts, live performances, TV shows, outdoor events, building exterior or uses in architecture.  fully outperforms conventional LED displays in all parameters including brightness, while boasting a significantly lower weight which reduces requirements for the supporting structure.
 rent flexible solution – shapes almost without boundaries
The LED modules are very light and thin and thanks to the high quality SMD LED diodes reach a brightness of 1200 and 2500 nits. The LED modules have wide viewing angles and render true colours. The exposure reaches IP40 for the  and even IP54, which enables it for outdoor use too. Ideal for creative displays on stage at concerts, festivals and TV shows.
 outdoor rent curtain LED screen
The LED panels  are very light and thin and thanks to high quality SMD LED diodes reach a brightness of 2000 and 4000 nits. The panels have wide viewing angles and render true colours.  panels are designed with an exposure of IP65, which makes them the perfect solution for extensive outdoor and indoor installations. Ideal for outdoor stages, concerts and festivals.  thanks to its smaller size easily usable as a background LED display for indoor installations.
LEDbow P16, P25 and P50 – ideal for outdoor advertising – replacement for classic billboards, bigboards and advertising tarpaulins
LED displays designed for a direct replacement of classic supports. The weight is a third lighter than classic LED displays, and the other parameters are fully maintained. The largest sizes are ideal for the biggest exterior systems. Ultra-thin, ultra-light construction, transparent from 14% to more than 50% while fully designed for outdoor use with an exposure of IP65. Thanks to the possibility of maintenance access from both sides, you are in no way limited. Suitable even for installations greater than 200m2 defines them as the new digital advertising medium to replace outdoor tarpaulins.
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