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LED Screen Store Sign
6mm single side 6mm double side 4mm single side 4mm double side
Mark your store in a modern way - LED store sign – single or double-sided  stick out signs with LED display. Simple operation - just plug in power and the rest can be done over WiFi. Replace your old stick out sign and put the spotlight on your store in a modern way.

LED Screen Store Sign
Effective solution for your store
LED store sign is a unique stick out sign solution with LED display. It provides unique marketing channel that can be used to address potential customers much more effectively compared to standard stick out signs.
Stick out sign with LED display
We offer this product in two variants - single-sided and double-sided stick out signs. You can choose between 2,3,4 and 5mm pitch. 
Superior technology, stable image
LED display, thanks to its high 1,000Hz refresh rate, has a highly stable image. Thanks to the use of state-of-art drivers, the display can display over 281 trillion colors (2^16). Recommended viewing distance starts at only 3 meters.
Simple installation and operation over WiFI
One of the advantages of the LED Store Sign is its simple installation and operation. Just plug in power and the rest can be done over WiFi. This way you can react quickly and update content of the sign simply.
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