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P8 Outdoor SMD LED Display is getting attention
can be used both indoor and outdoor. We use 3 in 1 SMD technology to accomplish superior visual performance. 
With its great advantages, it is becoming more and more popular in the market.
High brightness. (more than 6000mcd per sqm)
Longer lifespan. (more than 100,000 hours life)
Wide operating temp.(all conditions. -40-60)
Large viewing angle. (120 degree at horizontal,60 degree at vertical)
High intensity with best equality. ( can meet the high request)
Front service is available.
SMD led displays module
Outdoor 3 in 1 SMD led module is a kind of new creative technology for outdoor full-color LED display. 
Compared with other outdoor LED display, outdoor SMD led module have the Advantages as below:
1. The viewing angle is bigger. It can reach 160 degree in horizontal and 120 degree in vertical.
2. The bright difference of any two pixels is less than 10%,it assure the our LED display is uniformity 
in color and brightness, in avoid splash,glare
SMD led displays cabinet
1. High ingress protection: IP65.
2. Power supply connector with unique structure guarantees stability of power supply.
3. All the interfaces of the cabinet are waterproof.
4. The cabinet size and design can be customized.
5. Aluminum and Iron material can be chosen.
SMD led displays application
LED Digital Billboards have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor industry. With the characteristic 
advantage of high brightness, high luminous efficiency, big viewing angle, long viewing distance, vivid clear 
color, low power consumption, good stability, long lifetime, integrating modular design to create a flexible 
size, LED Digital Billboards is now replacing more and more traditional billboards. More and more investors 
take the good opportunity to benefit from selling media space on the digital billboards to advertisers.
Aside from the benefits to advertisers and billboard operators, law enforcement and community groups are also 
benefiting from the flexibility and power of digital outdoor. LED Digital Billboards operators have made space 
available to announce everything from community events such as concerts and council meetings to public safety 
notices such as Amber Alerts and severe weather warnings.
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