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Front service led screen display
Front-lit Billboard  product specially made for the billboard market. 
This light weight material comes in a 192” width and 420’ length. 
Each roll will allow exactly 8 billboards to be produced. 
This economical banner choice comes in a matte finish and can be printed 
with UV, solvent or screen printing. It is also available with a black-back.
Front-lit banner materials  work with UV, solvent, latex and screen-printers. 
They are available in a wide variety of thickness, strength, finishes and sizes 
to help meet your specific application requirements.
Backlit Billboard
Simply the most advanced backlit billboard technology available. 
Strong, quality, back-lit substrate that can be used for any back-illuminated 
indoor or outdoor sign, billboard or flexible face application. A high-end, 
yet economical choice.
Designed for lowest maintenance of any lighting solution. Easily retrofit 
existing backlit signs without changing the cabinet .Attractive and eases vinyl installation.
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