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How to Choose an Air Conditioner for LED Video Displays
For hot areas it would be wisely to use a cooling system like an air conditioner to cool your LED display to minimize failures and expand the life time of your LED display. An air conditioner is nowadays a not very expensive cooling system but can be made expensive due to the power consumption of it. For that it is wisely to buy an energy efficient air conditioner for your LED display without having troubles in the near future.

How to Choose an Air Conditioner for LED Video Displays
To buy an energy-efficient air conditioner for LED display, you must first determine what capacity, or size, you need. This is important for two reasons:
An undersized unit won’t cool adequately a LED display in extremely hot weather.
An oversized air conditioner can also adversely affect your comfort. The unit may switch on and off too often, without running long enough to dehumidify the LED display properly or cool the space uniformly. And it will consume more energy than necessary.
Step 1: Calculate basic cooling capacity you will need for your LED display to meet the typical cooling load
Use this table to find the basic cooling capacity in Btu/h you’ll need based on total LED display area to be cooled.
LED Display Basic Cooling Capacity by Total Area of the LED Display
Total Area of LED Screen Basic Cooling Capacity
9-14 100-150 5000
14-23 150-250 6000
23-28 250-300 6500
28-33 300-350 7250
33-38 350-400 8000
38-41 400-450 8750
41-46 450-500 9650
46-51 500-550 10500
51-65 550-700 12500
65-93 700-1000 15000
93-111 1000-1200 17700
111-149 1200-1600 19000-24000
149-167 1600-1800 24000-27000
167-260 1800-2800 27000-33000
For a 22.6m² (240 sq. ft.) LED display accessories, the basic cooling capacity will be 6000 Btu/h. If the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is more than 12,000 Btu/h, consider installing two smaller units. Otherwise, a single unit might require a larger amperage circuit (20–30 amperes) or a dedicated 240-volt circuit; consult an electrician for more information.
Step 2: Additional factors that can influence the loading capacity of the air conditioner for LED Displays
Answer the questions below. If a question doesn’t apply to your situation, leave the space blank. Then add or subtract from the basic cooling capacity to arrive at the approximate size of room air conditioner you should buy.
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