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General info of LED Displays Products
LED Screens & LED Displays Products 
General info of LED Displays Products

Our LED display screens and LED advertising bill boards are extremely well designed, rugged, reliable, and environmentally friendly products. They come in a comprehensive range and variety of sizes, offering sizable budget savings. The LED display screens and LED advertising bill boards also include features such as, temperature display and clock.  They are manufactured from superior quality, raw material that can really enhance the durability of products. Our LED screens can be clearly seen from hundreds of meters even during the day time and are so bright that even sunlight cannot overrule them.
A superior quality in all of our LED screen product range is always maintained by GTL, in order to successfully win the trust of our customers. A well defined quality policy of GTL ensures premium quality of all of our finished products and always strives to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of business and service. We efficiently deal with the increasing needs of market.
LED Screen Products
We can offer the complete range of various LED display screens and LED advertising bill boards and related equippments in the domestic as well as international market. Our LED display screens and advertising bill boards are very exciting and excellent media for indoor and outdoor advertising and are clearly visible from very long distance. You just need to plug into a power socket, prepare and load your presentation (through user friendly software, which comes with the product), mount (easy mount system included) and display to your customers.
You can also create animations to attract people’s attention by adding bmp images from your computer or make them using the provided software. Single or multi lines of text and graphics can also be easily created by the included software. At every stage of production of these LED display screens and LED advertising bill boards, a team of experts thoroughly tests the product so as to whether it complies with international quality standards. You can set-up up to eight separate presentations displaying at pre-programmed times, which is perfect for targeted audiences, manage effective commercial time for when you have a targeted campaign.
Our LED display screens and LED advertising bill boards can be made according to the size of the standard casing. The dimensions of your LED signs can be easily extended, even long after your initial purchase. These boards are easy to programmed by the professionally developed and user friendly software that can be easily adjusted to the customer’s needs. They have many other advantages like their handiness, super-thinness, transparency, rainproof, super large area application and easy installation. They are also resistant to attacks by stones, paint, etc.
Please click on the sections below to find more information about our LED screens, LED advertising bill boards, LED signs and LED displays:
Indoor LED Screens   
Most indoor LED screens on the market are built-in using Surface-Mounted device (SMD) technology, we have our own SMD technology patented and we call it DOT Matrix, because the three primary colors (Red, Green and Blue) are placed in the same DOT and with our new design we are also making better new technology indoor LED screens.
This is also a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market, because DOT Matrix indoor LED displays have more viewing angle and also a nearer capability of viewing distance. Our indoor LED screens have a high brightness and vivid color mixture effect.
Outdoor LED Screens   
In any case, the use of digital video outdoor LED screens from GTL signifies a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising. A number of articles have already discussed the strengths of presenting information on LED (Light Emitting Diode) monitors versus the static outdoor stands.
It is not worthwhile repeating, CHINA LED Screens can help you determine and develop your outdoor LED screen project and boost up sales through visual and effective marketing and publicity.
Outdoor LED Screen 3in1 SMD Specifications
Below you can find the technical specification of the integrated 3in1 SMD LED chips used for outdoor LED screens.
  P8 3in1 SMD P10 3in1 SMD P12 3in1 SMD P16 3in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch 8mm 10mm 12.5mm 16mm
LED Brand Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips Epistar LED Chips
Maximum Brightness > 7,000 cd/m² > 6,500 cd/m² > 6,500 cd/m² > 6,000 cd/m²
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 15,625 Pixels/m² 10,000 Pixels/m² 6,400 Pixels/m² 3,906 Pixels/m²
Best Viewing Distance 8m ~ >400m
(26ft ~ >1300ft) 10m ~ >400m
(32ft ~ >1300ft) 11m ~ >400m
(36ft ~ >1300ft) 12m ~ >400m
(39ft ~ >1300ft)
LED Screens for Stadiums   
Stadium Screens & Sports Displays
The stadium screens and sports displays are masters in showing publicity and game scores. With a public of a complete stadium plus that the games are showed on television the quality has to be superb. Our in-stadium LED advertising is powered by the famous outdoor LED sports displays which uses 3in1 LED technology to improve the horizontal viewing angle to more than 160 degrees. With such a super wide viewing angle it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements that can be showed at once.
Stadium Screens and Refresh Rate Frequency
The refresh rate frequency for our stadium screens, sports displays, football stadium screens and perimeter displays is over 800 Hz, so no static will be shown when recorded by a television camera and broadcasted on television. This means that with a high refresh rate frequency our stadium screens and sports displays can display flicker free video images, which includes live video feeds.
Mobile & Rental LED Screens    
Mobile LED screens are becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is a fast and easy way to move a LED screen from different places to other places anywhere you want, and is convenience for rental and demo. Most of the mobile screens are used for publicity stunts moving in crowded places like concerts, cities and cosmopolitans, and the most crowded rush hour spots to attract peoples attention, without the need to assemble and dismantle the LED screen.
LED Mesh Curtain Video Wall   
Do you want to have something different? The amazing Led mesh curtains video walls from CHINA LED Screens  will surprise any kind of clientele. With this optional products you can bend, wrap, fold or do many other kinds of functional uses with your imagination as the only limit.
Electronic Scrolling Message LED Signs  
Most owners of electronic scrolling message LED signs, LED boards, and outdoor digital signage see revenue growth immediately upon installation of their new scrolling LED banner. You can easily target any kind of customer with the electronic scrolling LED sign messages.
Control Systems for LED Screens  
LED Screen Products
Indoor LED Screens
Single/Dual Color LED Screens
Integrated 3in1 SMD Full Color
P4 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P5 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P6 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P7.62 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P8 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P10 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
Semi Outdoor LED Screens
Semi Outdoor High Brightness
Outdoor LED Message Signs
LED Stock Market Ticker Displays
Outdoor LED Screens
LED Dip Lamp Full Color
P10 LED Dip Lamp Full Color
P12 LED Dip Lamp Full Color
P16 LED Dip Lamp Full Color
P20 LED Dip Lamp Full Color
P25 LED Dip Lamp Full Color
Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P8 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P10 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P12.5 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
P16 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
Mobile & Rental LED Screens
Stadium Screens & Sports Displays
Sport Perimeter LED Displays
LED Curtain Video Wall
LED Curtain Mirage Video Wall
LED Strip Video Screens
LED Strip Video Screen P18.75
Control Systems for LED Screens
LedSync820C Video Image Processor
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