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What's the info behind LED display price

 Nowadays, more and more LED displays are coming up and price war is spreading gradually. Even the same product has many different quotations. Actually, LED display industry insiders all understand that many factors are relevant to LED display price:


  1. Specifications:
    Regular products classified by color: single color, double color, full color. By using environment: indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor. Different specifications have different prices.
  2. Material:
    Materials can be sorted as imported material and domestic material overall. In terms of chips, mainly imported from USA,Japan, Taiwan. Each has its own features. As USA and Japan have been matering the core technology all the time, the price of the chips is always high. Other chips are cheaper but their performance is not so good. Another factor is LED drive IC which is very important to LED display quality and lifetime. Full color LED display should adopt CV and CC drive IC.
  3. Supporting system:
    System components: controller, data boards, power supply etc.
    Broadcasting system: computer control,media card or video card, broadcasting software.
    Editing system: editing computer, video compression card, editing software.
    Monitoring system: sensor,supervising software.
    Protection system: heat dissipation system, power distribution system, thunder-protection system.
    Audio system: loud-speaker, sound box.
    Video input equipment: DVD/VCD machine, video recorder, Close Circuit Television.
    Graph-text input: scanner, digital camera.
    All the components and equipments are optional except system components and broadcasting system.
  4. Construction:
    The installation site, installation method, display size,framework material are factors affecting LED display price.
    In addition, payment, tax rate, transportation and many other factors are affecting the price too.
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