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LED display screen factors for best performance.

Before purchasing a LED display, you may need to figure out the the following questions to precisely locate your need.

LED display screen factors for best performance.

1. Indoor or Outdoor:

Indoor Displays are to be used only for interior application. If the application is for a window display, then a super-bright indoor sign is needed or an outdoor one even if the sign is indoor. Our Outdoor Displays are designed with military specification to with  stand outdoor weather conditions and are bright enough to be visible in any day light condition. 
2. Viewing Distance:

It is stated that for every inch of a character's height the viewing distance increases by 50 feet, i.e. a 2" character can be read from 100 ft. 
3. What's a pixel?  

LED Display is made up of an array of pixels. A pixel can be made up from 1 or several LED's to a cluster of LED 's. An array of pixels also known as the resolution is distinguished by the number of pixels vertical by the number of pixel horizontal. For example 64 x 16 pixels resolution means 64 pixels horizontally and 16 pixels vertically. 
4. How many pixels to form a character?  

LED display screen factors for best performance.

For regular (single stroke) character, a typical character is composed of 7 pixels high x  5 pixels wide, plus the spaces between characters and lines used. 
5. Character Size Indoor Display: 

For indoor displays, your character size depends on your application. If it's an indoor sign in an office lobby, cafeteria or similar, 2" - 4" size characters are sufficient. For a warehouse, depending on it's display size and viewing distance requirement, etc., 4" - 8" size characters are recommended. 
6. Character Size Outdoor Display:

For outdoor displays, if it's on a main street for driving and walking by traffic viewers 8" - 12" size characters are sufficient. For longer distance whether  from the road or a highway, 14" - 24" size characters are appropriate. 
7. Characters per Line:

The number of characters on a line of a sign is determined by the number of pixels across the sign. A single stroke character requires 5 pixels across plus a space. An 80 column sign will display 13 characters (80/6= 13.3). As you plan out your sign requirements, write down the messages that you intend to display on the sign. Count the characters that you expect to display on each line. This will help you to decide on the number of characters per line that will best suit your application. Don't forget that you can scroll the information, so you don't have to get everything on one line. 
8. Selecting a Color:

There are 3 types of LED display screen, Single Color (usually red unless specified) 3 Colors (red, green, amber) capable of multiple shades and Full Color where you have a 16.7 million colors. For simple informational signs, single color is usually sufficient; 3 color signs can be used in different application or to get across different messages, e.g. red color for important messages, green or amber color for daily messages; Full Color displays are usually used by outdoor advertising firms or stadiums because they give a high resolution and viewing is like watching a big TV visible in sunlight conditions 
9. Methods of Communication:

Many indoor displays are equipped with a hand held wireless remote with optional software depending on the amount of usage and information you are displaying. For other indoor displays as well as outdoor ones, one could use direct wired cable, wireless receivers, or modems to get their messages to the displays. 
10. When do you use a modem? 

Modems are used when it is impossible to run a direct wire between the sign and the computer. A dedicated phone line is required at the sign end. A software program automatically dials the phone number of the sign when you are ready to send a new message to the sign. 
11. Graphics vs. Text:

Text-only applications can be accomplished with signs with as little as one line of text. Graphics, animation or video screen displays require more rows to accurately display logos and animations. Graphics looks best when the sign is at least 24 pixels high or if for good animation or video display

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