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Steel structure for the Advertising VideoLED display
1. Back of the steel structure
Steel structure of LED display  And Simple instruction of Installation 
2. The steel framework
3.The side of framework(without the cover around screen frame)

Steel structure for the Advertising VideoLED display
Steel structure of LED display(3)
4.Installation of LED display cabinets
Steel structure of LED display 4
5. The framework structure
Steel structure of LED display 5
6. The backside of the structure
Steel structure of LED display 6
7. the obverse of the display
Steel structure of LED display 7
For outdoor LED display, since it is used in outdoor. Obviously, it is different from ordinary indoor LED display, 
either is the requirement of the outdoor LED display installation. In case of any trouble and damage, displays must be well installed carefully on the details. 
Six points of attention during installation of outdoor LED display:
1. Lightning protection devices should be installed on top of screen or buildings.
The main body and the enclosure of the screen should keep good connection with ground, 
the ground resistance is less than 3 Ω which releases the current caused by thunder without delay;
 The LED screen may suffered with high voltage strong magnetic caused by thunder.
2. Waterproof measures:
The juncture of the screen and the building must keep away from water leaking;
 The screen should have good drainage system, it can let water out smoothly when there is waterlogging.
  Please pay attention to waterproof and moisture proof. Since screens installed outdoor, and exposed in sun and rain,
 dust and wind this kind of poor working environment. Electronic equipment get wet easily, if it is humid seriously, 
it probably get result as short circuit or even fire, breakdown and even big loss.
3. Selection of circuit chip:
Select the industrial-grade integrated circuit chips, whose working temperature is between - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, 
 and this can make sure it can work normally in low temperature in winter.
4. Install ventilation cooling equipment, keep the screen body internal temperature between - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃
Behind the screen, two axial flow fans should be installed to discharge heat;
 Display generates a certain amount of heat during working, if the environment temperature is too high and no heat dissipation measures,
 integrated circuit may not work properly, and even destroyed, so that the display system cannot work normally.
5. choose high brightness leds:
In order to ensure the display content is still visible even in the strong light with long distance, we must choose high brightness LED;
  in order to increase the brightness contrast, to widen the viewing angel and to meet the needs of longer line-of-sight.
 In order to not be affected by big changes of light and direct sun light.
6.Select new wide-field tube as display medium
With wide viewing angel, pure color,
 high consistence, the packaging of display medium which is over 100,000 hours life span is the most popular design as square cylinder with top cover, 
 silicone seal, no metal cosmetic. Its appearance is delicate and beautiful, with sturdy and durable quality, and resistant to direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature, short circuit etc.
The attention will not be paid enough on the installation of outdoor LED display
 since which is related to the usage and safety of products in the future
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