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LED display module configuration and structure
The LED display module is comprised of LEDs, PC board, capacitor, resistor, connector and IC

LED display module configuration and structure
PC board
printed circuit board is usually  coated with green or brown insulated protective layer. its both sides are separately called component side and solder side. some parts on the PC board including connector need the socket for installation, and the socket is welded directly onto the board. therefore, the parts can be freely installed or dismantled as you like.
capacitor and resistor
the capacitor is made up of two conductors that are isolated from each other. it's used to store electric power. meanwhile, the resistor is a dissipative element that offers resistance to electrical current.
a connector is used to transmit electric current or signal. its functions are described as following: 
a. it can improve the production process trough simplifying the assembly process
b. it allows easy maintenance and fast component replacement
c. convenient upgrading is allowed
d. the design flexibility is significantly improved
IC mainly refers to the control chip. the full color led display module applies the control chip to combine the functions, namely, integrated GAMMA correction, dot-by-dot color correction etc. through this way, it can simplify and standardize the input signals and display driving part, thus lowering the cost and improving the system reliability.
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