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Standards of Digital LED displays in application
Scope:  this criterion specifys the LED display the definition, classification, technical requirements, test method, inspection rule and sign the packing and shipping storage requirements. This standard applies to the LED display products. It is the LED display product design, manufacture, installation and use, quality inspection and formulate various technical standard and technical documents of the main technical basis. 2, the reference standard
The following standards contain provision which, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. In standard at time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to investigate use the following standard the latest version of possibility.
GB191-90 packaging transportation shown signs
GB2423.1-89 electrical and electronic products basic environment standard test test A: low temperature test method
GB2423.2-89 electrical and electronic products basic environment standard test test B: high temperature testing method
GB2423.3-89 electrical and electronic products basic environment standard test test Ca constant humidity &heat experiment method
Carries - 95 information technology equipment (including electric affairs equipment) safety
GB6388-86 transportation and packing the importer or exporter symbol
GB6587.4-86 electronic surveyinginstrument vibration test
GB6587.6-86 electronic surveyinginstrument transportation test
GB6593-86 electronic surveyinginstrument quality inspection rules
GB9813-88 miniature digital electronic computer general technical conditions
GB11463-89 electronic surveyinginstrument reliability testing
SJ/T10463-93 electronic surveyinginstrument package, mark, storage requirements
3, and set the righteousness
This standard adopts the following abbreviations and definition:
3.1 LED EMItting diode LED EMItting diode ligth light-emitting diodes abbreviations
3.2 LED display panel LED through certain control mode, to display text, graphics, text, images, animation, market, etc. Various kinds of information and TV, video signal and the LED display screen devices array group.
3.3 display element put unit by circuit and installation structure to determine its display of and the composition of the smallest unit of the LED display.
3.4 fatal defect critICal of unqualified products use, maintenance, or in connection with the personnel may cause damage or unsafe conditions of unqualified products, or unit of an important characteristic of quality characteristics of serious is not in conformity with the provisions.

3.5 out of control points out - - control point luminous status and the control requirements of display state is not consistent with a discrete awarded LED basic luminous points.
3.6 false color LED display panel pseudo - color leds in LED screen different regional install different colors of the single color leds components of the LED display.
3.7 full-color LED display all - color leds panel by red, green, blue three colors LED parts and can mix a variety of colour of the LED display.
4, classification
The LED display but basis classification of the following conditions:
4.1 use environment:
The LED display by use of indoor environment is divided into LED display and outdoor LED display.
4.2 display colors:
The LED display according to display colors divided into the single color LED display (including false color LED display), double colors LED display and full color (three colors) LED display. According to the gray level and can be divided into 16 and 32, 64, 128, 256 level gray LED display, etc.
4.3 display performance:
The LED panel according to display performance is divided into text LED display, graphic LED display, computer video LED display, television video LED display and market LED display, etc. prices
The LED display generally includes securities, interest rates, futures and the USES of the LED display.
4.4 basic shine points:
The prices of the LED display, indoor the LED display according to adopt LED single-point diameter can be divided into Φ 3mm, Φ 375mm, Φ 5mm, Φ 8mm, and Φ 10mm etc screen, Outdoor LED display by using the pixel diameter can be divided into Φ 19mm, Φ 22mm and Φ mm26 etc LED display. Prices of the LED display in accordance with the digital pipe size can divide 2.0 cm (0.8 cm (a), 2.5 1.0 cm (a), 3.0 1.2 a), 4.6 CMM (1.8 a), 5.8 cm (2.3 7.6 cm (a), 3inch) LED display.
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