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Catagory of Advertising LED display screen and Signs
Super LED screen  LED display LED signs System
A highly attractive screen system that is ideal for installing behind glass, or where the all round visual aesthetics of the installation are a priority.
Aerofoil design of each blade gives the appearance of open louvres once installed.
The slim profile allows maximum light to pass through.
Curtain LED screen  LED display LED signs System
An extremely lightweight screen system is suitable for buildings, entertainment venues, events, etc., where weight is an issue.
The slim, high tensile steel cables that connect the LED bars allow for easy installation and can be installed in areas where heavy structural supports are not possible.
The design of the system means that it can be produced to fit irregular areas where standard modular screen are not suitable
Mesh LED screen  LED display LED signs System
Suitable for office buildings, entertainment venues, or events, where a lightweight but rigid structure is required
Its slim profile means that the system can be either fitted against an existing structure or in areas that require a discrete installation.
The modules can be easily connected and dismantled and so is ideally suited for either temporary installations, or for elevated locations
Ladder LED screen  LED display LED signs System
A portable system that is designed for events or entertainment venues where the transportation, installation and dismantling needs to be easy.
The flexible construction allows the screens to be rolled up when not in use and is therefore, it is also suitable of locations that require a lightweight screen for intermittent use.
The panels come in easy connectable sections that can be built up to almost any size that is required.
Fixed Bar LED screen  LED display LED signs System
A rigid frame construction that can be installed behind a glass facia, or on the front of buildings where transparency is important.
It can be used as an alternative to the Curtain System and is suitable for large-scale installations locations where the screen needs its own fixed sub frame
Solid Cabinet  LED screen  LED display LED signs System
The most popular form of modular screen that can be built to any size and is extremely durable.
This system is ideal for fixed, standalone locations and are very easy to maintain and service.
Pixel pitches can start from 4mm and so are suitable for locations where the screen is going to be view at close range.

Globe Screens LED screen  LED display LED signs
These spherical LED screens can run both static and video media and are suitable for any internal environment from a club or bar, to hotels and shopping centres
The eye catching screen creates means that innovative creative and information can be displayed and viewed from 360 degrees
Pitch-Side Boards LED screen  LED display LED signs
This modular system offers sports clubs to ability to maximise advertising revenue from a variety of sources, as well as interact in real time with supporters.
The pitch-side boards can be designed to suit a variety of club requirements and meet all the various football associations’ safety requirements.
Lightweight Modular LED screen  LED display LED signs System
These are ideal for entertainment venues or events, where the lightweight modules allow for screens of varying sizes to easily built and dismantled.
The slim profile means that they can be easily installed in areas that have limited rear or front access. This system is also easy to transport and store.
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