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Different LED lamps used for LED Video Display Screen.
It is a frequently asked question: What LED does  use for the LED displays? What’s the difference? 
Why the price would be different, for the same brand LED?
To clarify this, we think it’s necessary to guide the clients to know more about LED, 
and the related information of this industry in China.
For China LED display manufacturers, the widely adopted LED brand covers NICHIA(Japan) which is for the top-end market; 
CREE(USA) which is for the high-end market; SILAN(China), which is for the mid-end market, the called mainstream markets.
There are the low-end market brands, but considering the LED enterprises reputation, 
we will not list all here. And Dakco refuse to choose these low-end market brands. 
The options LED brands  are: NICHIA, CREE and SILAN.
So let’s focus on the NICHIA, CREE, and SILAN.
Generally speaking, the Red LED is relatively mature in technology, of all brands the luminous characteristic and stability is good. 
So regarding as the production of LED display, 
we need to pay more attention to the Green and Blue LED. 
As well, of the new-made LED display, with all those chips, the color seems great. But the difference will come out when it has been installed, and after a period of running. 
The professional experiment will focus on two factors:
1. Antistatic capability: It will determine the stability of a LED display.
2. Attenuation characteristic: It will determine the lifetime of a LED display.

Different LED lamps used for LED Video Display Screen.
We can find that: 
In Antistatic capability, CREE is the excellent one. Actually in all the global LED suppliers, only CREE make the inspection for all the LED, 
and theoretically CREE LED would never be harmed by Static; NICHIA is in the second place, but as the leader supplier, NICHIA LED performs very good in all the features; 
SILAN is close to NICHIA, and with the fine production process, SILAN LED can resist the extreme environment of actual operation.
In Attenuation, we need to pay attention to the above table that the data is based on the first 1000 hours. And then, the LED will tend to stable, the data will fall down. 
NICHIA LED performs best; CREE is normal, SILAN is better in Green color and HUGA is better in Blue color.
And YES you will have more questions: Why don’t Dakco choose EPISTAR which performs very well, and why don’t Dakco choose Green SILAN and Blue HUGA?
That’s exactly the next topic we’re going to explain: BOTH HUGA and EPISTAR are the Taiwan suppliers which is advanced in technology. 
But the problem is that for them, the China mainland belongs to the end-class market, where it is almost impossible to purchase the original and high quality LEDs from these brands. And the supply is very unstable.
In addition, it is difficult to tell the difference from one brand chip to another just by human eyes, because the LED chip is as tiny as the hair spray. 
And coming with the fierce competition, in recent years the market emerges a lot fake products, among which, the brands number of made-in-Taiwan are especially high.
Also, it is quite popular saying from some  LED display manufacturers that they will use Red color EPISTAR, Green and Blue color SILAN. 
But it is ridiculous because the EPISTAR Red color LED business has been purchased by NICHIA, Japan.
So considering all the factors, SILAN is the best solution. But even for the same SILAN brand LED, the quality varies a lot. There is some information that most the clients may not know:
1. The Chip Size: 9mil, 12mil, 13mil, also there was 14mil. The bigger chip size performs better than smaller ones. We choose 13mil LED, but some the others may choose 12mil LED.
2. The LED Chip Epitaxial Wafer: The Epitaxial Wafer technology of SILAN is quite normal, but the best solution is SILAN LED chip with the Epitaxial Wafer by GENESIS of Taiwan.
 Most the suppliers’ LED displays choose all SILAN, but the LED used for our LED display is SILAN chip, with GENESIS Epitaxial wafer.
3. The LED Encapsulation: Even above two factors are the same, the final LED will varies in quality, by different encapsulation manufacturers.
Some the LED display manufacturer claim they encapsulate LED by themselves, to control the LED quality. But it is not reliable saying, because the LED encapsulation is quite a dedicated specialty. 
The best encapsulation material, technology is highly required. Also, it requires well-experienced. Comparing the expert-class encapsulation company, 
the LED display company belongs to low level in LED itself.
And the main reason to encapsulate the LED should be reducing the cost.
The LED vendor we choose is the top class encapsulation company-GREEBLE.
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