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How to best protect the outdoor LED screen advertising display?
How to protect your outdoor LED screen? Outdoors, environment, air humidity , the weather are a major factor affects of the display. When we install outdoor display,we should take care about its wind , earthquake , carrying capacity , and so the LED display is better to survive in the outdoors, running . In addition to preparing early , after installation , routine maintenance work can not display as sloppy . Specific maintenance precautions are as follows :

How to best protect the outdoor LED screen advertising display?
    1. Power supply stability, grounding protection is good.
    2. In case of thunder , strong typhoons and other weather disasters , should be promptly cut off the power , the display until the weather returned to normal after the power is turned on.
    3. The internal display is strictly prohibited water, non- combustible material and easy conductive metal objects into the body of the screen in order to avoid a short circuit and fire equipment .
    4. Such as the display after the water , cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel , until the screen displays the body panels and dried before use .
    5. LED display switching sequence :
On: Turn on the control computer so that it can run properly and then turn the LED display.
Off: Turn off the LED display, then turn off the computer.
    6. LED display with a damp cloth to wipe the surface not directly , you can use alcohol wipe , or use a brush , vacuum cleaner dust .
    7. In the rainy season LED screen one week at least once more. Screen at least once a month generally open , lit more than two hours .
    8. Regularly check the security of outdoor LED display supporting structure and the stability of the power supply cable is damaged should be promptly treated .
    9. Do not arbitrarily forced to cut it off and turn on the display do not frequent power supply , to prevent the impact of the surge current. Avoid excessive current wire heating power is too large , LED die is damaged, affect the life of the display . Never attempt to disassemble , stitching Screen !
    10. LED screen host computer and other related equipment, should be placed in air-conditioning, dust the room , in order to ensure stable operation of the computer and ventilation .
    11. LED outdoor screen inside the lines , you need professional maintenance.
    12. Before the beginning of summer, a year ahead of time to cool the heat should be checked within the device display , such as air conditioners , fans , etc., in order to ensure that the display in the permissible ambient temperature operation.
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