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The Video LED display's basic knowledge and attributes
The rental LED display development so far, already more and more be accepted society, has become the carrier of outdoor media advertising. 
The inherent characteristics of LED to it is the most ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, it has been widely used.
Small volume
LED is basically a small chips being sealed in the epoxy resin inside, so it is very small, very light.
Low power consumption
LED to very low power consumption, in general, is the working voltage of 2-3.6 V. Working current is 0.02 0.03 A. This that is to say: the consumption of electricity it no more than 0.1 W.
Long service life
In the appropriate electric current and voltage, LED the service life can reach 100000 hours.
High brightness, low quantity of heat
Less than HID or incandescent lamp of radiation.
Environmental protection
LED by the material is non-toxic finish, not as fluorescent water cut silver can cause pollution, but also can be reused. Red light contains a lot of AS (arsenic), poisonous
Is be completely sealed in the epoxy resin inside, it than light bulb and fluorescent tubes are strong. No loose in the part, these characteristics make LED can say is not easy to be damaged.

The Video LED display
Controllable strong
Can realize all sorts of color changes.
LED light source features:
1, voltage: LED use the low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage in between 6 to 24 v, according to the product vary, so it is a more security than using high voltage power supply of power supply, especially used in public places.
2, efficiency, energy consumption compared with efficacy of incandescent lamp reduced by 80%.
3, applicability: small, each unit LED small pieces is 3-5 mm square, so can preparation into various shapes of the device, and suitable for variable environment.
4, stability: 100000 hours, light failure for initial 50%.
5, and the corresponding time: the incandescent light bulb response time for milliseconds level, the response time of the LED lights for ns level.
6 and the environment pollution: without harmful metal mercury.
7, change the current can change color, light emitting diode easily through the chemically modified method, adjust the material band structure and band gap, realize the red yellow green glow orange color more Syria. Such as small current red LED, with the increase of the current, can in turn into orange, yellow, and finally for the green.
8, price: LED price relatively expensive, than incandescent lamp, a few LED the price of an incandescent light bulb and the price is fairly, and usually each group should be 300-500 by signal only a diode.
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