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LED Gas Price Displays need waterproof & dustproof function
Product Description

LED Gas Price Displays need waterproof & dustproof function
1. Product Name: 20 Inch Outdoor Red Color LED gas price display       
2. It shows gas price or digits.       
3. Product Model: GPBLB-4A-20R       
4. Color: Red       
5. Number format:       
6.Number size: 20" (508mm)       
7.Housing dimension: 1500(L)*600(W)*30(D) mm       
8. Net weight: 18KG       
9.Protection rating: IP65       
10. Cabinet color: black       
11. Package: carton with foam or wooden box       
12.Payment by T/T or Western Union       
13. Operating temperature:-30-+75 degrees Celsius       
14. Operating humidity: 5%-95%RH (non-condensing)       
15. Input voltage: 110v-230V AC       
16. Output voltage: 12V       
17. Control way: by remote control (default); by RS232/RS485 with computer; GPRS       
18. The distance is 100m       
19. Long life: 100,000 hours       
20. Min quantity: no min.quantity, 1pc is acceptable and welcome.       
21. Stainless steel cabinet for outdoor use       
22. Reliable and durable LED component            
23. Used high light and wide sight LED lamp to display, which keep clear display effect even though under direct sunlight.       
24. All material are passed high and low temperature test.       
25. The segments, power supply, drive card, control card are waterproof, and can tolerate high temperatures  
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