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World's largest LED panel display is unveiled.

A new LED display from the Porsche Design Studio is being touted as the biggest display of its kind currently in existence, according to InAVate.
The screen measures 201 inches across the diagonal and is built with the intention of outdoor usage for large public events, at which visibility and image quality will be seen as of paramount importance.
Unlike other video LED displays, this one is quick to install and can be up and running in about half a minute, which makes it perfect for impromptu gatherings.
The LED display is actually built from multiple panels rather than one consistent unit, which is why it is easy to fold down into a compact form, making it easy to store and transport.
With a total surface area of 11 square metres, the LED display is capable of showcasing high definition video, thanks to its 700,000 pixels.
The unit also integrates speakers, a subwoofer and a multimedia server, which can accept inputs from many different sources.
Manoeuvrability has been a major consideration in the design of the LED display, so you can actually adjust its vertical position, as well as swivelling it through 270 degrees, allowing for plenty of flexibility.
Visibility is also solid thanks to the 5000 nits brightness rating that the LED display has achieved. This means it is easy to see during the hours of daylight as well as after dark.
To make for durable operation, it is waterproof and will not degrade as quickly as alternatives, thanks to the longevity afforded by LEDs.
This is the kind of solution that really takes advantage of all that LED technology can offer. It outdoes the previous generation of outdoor displays with its malleability and functionality, while still remaining true to the needs of public entertainment.
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