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New improvement in the LED display brightness for advertising
LED displays are becoming more popular across many markets, providing improved energy efficiency and slenderness over traditionally backlit screens.
However, manufacturers of such solutions are tending towards the use of fewer LED units for backlighting purposes, to cut production costs, which can result in a dip in the brightness levels that are achievable on such displays.
Now an American company claims to have developed a new film fashioned from polyester elements, which will help LED displays to provide enhanced brightness while still using low cost manufacturing techniques.

New improvement in the LED display brightness for advertising
Solvay Speciality Polymers argues that using too many LEDs is not only expensive, but generates enough heat to prematurely age the other elements of the display setup. So the lower powered approach is desirable in terms of display longevity, as well as energy efficiency.
The polyester film created by the company not only helps with temperature regulation and durability, but also means that the LED displays can appear brighter than in the past.
Brightness is something that really matters when considering the properties of a display, particularly if it is going to be used commercially for the purposes of signage, advertising or entertainment.
With more companies adopting LED displays, all areas of performance need to be considered and any developments which allow for greater brightness levels are to be praised.
Of course, some scenarios will be better suited to the use of dedicated LED displays, rather than LED-backlit screens, which still rely on LCD panels to form the picture.
When particularly large displays are required for commercial use, an LED display solution is definitely the way to go. As well as providing durability and affordability, levels of brightness and legibility are at the top of the tree when compared with other technologies of this kind.
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