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Retailers are taking advantage of LED signage and display for festive season promotion

The high street has been taking a bit of a pummelling over the last four years, with sales down due to economic pressures and the ever growing number of people who use the internet to meet their shopping needs.
However, bricks and mortar retail always enjoys a boost in the run up to Christmas, when consumers are more likely than ever to head out and actually buy something at a physical store.
A new report, covered in the Digital Journal, suggests that the sale of LED signage could be up by 10 per cent this year, as retailers look to take advantage of increased footfalls and encourage consumers to part with their cash.
The use of LED systems will make it easy for retailers to showcase up to the minute information on the latest deals and offers, so consumers will always see something fresh and new to entice them inside a store.

Retailers are taking advantage of  LED signage and display for festive season promotion
One of the key reasons that people use online shopping over the high street is that they are able to find lower prices online. However, if they know that there are plenty of comparable offers on the high street, thanks to LED signs, there will be less of an incentive to wait until they are at home to whip out their wallets.
The problem is not necessarily that people are failing to head to the high street, but rather that they are investing less money in it when they are out and about.
This cycle seems set to continue, although retailers which take a multichannel approach and integrate elements of e-commerce into their real world stores, tend to do better than their less flexible and forward-thinking rivals.
So LED signs are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring that consumers get the message about high street retail's worthiness.
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