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Full color led display purchase knowledge
What are the brands of full-color led display? What are the domestic famous full-color led display manufacturers? The LED display industry is not as well-known brands as computers, mobile phones, televisions and other traditional industries. The LED display currently belongs to a In the processing and manufacturing industry, parts and components such as chips, driver ICs, and power supplies for display panels are all developed and produced by professional manufacturers. The display manufacturers purchase raw materials for secondary processing. What we usually call the display brand is mainly to see what brand manufacturers chip, package, driver chip, power supply, system, etc., look at the manufacturer's production scale strength. At present, LED display screen manufacturers whose power ranks in front are Lian Chengfa, Lian Jian Optoelectronics, Absen, etc. These manufacturers are well-known manufacturers in the field of LED display screens and belong to the first camp of full-color displays.
Full color led display purchase knowledge

Full-color led display advertising LED large screen about 60 square with what type of effect?
If it is three years ago, the P16 full-color display is definitely preferred. Because the price of P16LED display screen is low, 60 square meters, then the pixel is also enough to meet the requirements, the price is absolutely not said. However, as the prices of P10 full-color outdoor displays have fallen sharply in these two years, the P16 price-performance ratio has become less obvious. According to the current development situation, the 60-square-meter outdoor LED screen recommends the P10 full-color series. Of course, P16 is also a good choice for customers who do not require high pixel resolution.

Full color led display chip quality and brand?
Now domestic chip level parameters and Taiwan chips are not much different, one penny a minute; authentic original Taiwan wafer led screen chip quality is still very good, at present a lot of large-scale display manufacturers use wafer chip. In addition, Taiwan's Guanglei, Hangzhou Shilan, Hangzhou Sanan brand chip quality is also very hard, the display effect is not inferior to the wafer chip, the use rate is also high. However, as competition has intensified in recent years, price wars have begun to rise, and many small manufacturers have intentionally reduced the quality of display screens in order to ensure profits. They use counterfeit cottages, Taiwan wafers, and optical Lei chips to make better products. Customers must purchase products at a time. Note that much lower than the normal price is certainly not genuine crystal brand display. There are also better chip brands than Jingyuan Guanglei, such as the US Cree, Japan, Japan, etc., are all international brands. For example, the case of the Coral chip display packaged by Huagang is about 4 times the price of the Taiwan wafer brand.

Full color led display P10 full-color display quotes gap Why?
P10 outdoor full-color display market quotations are currently confusing, mainly due to product costs and brand causes. There are even individual manufacturers quoted below the normal bottom line of quality costs, here to give everyone a reminder, as the saying goes that there is no good goods cheaper, especially for electronic products, the price in a sense can indeed measure its quality . The general low price is the use of taillights and defective products. The light emitting angle is small and the color difference is large, so it is easy to appear black screen phenomenon.

Which is the highest clear color full-color led display?
How is the price? The LED display has the highest pixel resolution at the moment, P6, and the P6 outdoor display has two types of inline and patch. Maipu glorious indoor highest clear LED display If you simply look at the pixel density, the new listing of P1.9 is the clearest LED electronic screen. But in fact P1.9 or even P2LED full-color display technology has not yet reached full maturity, the market sales are few and little, said that the highest clear LED screen is not completely correct. In the true sense of the highest clear indoor LED screen should be P2.5, P2.5 full-color display technology maturity, has gradually moved to the market.

Full color led display panel in addition to the display itself also need those devices?
LED display is usually divided into five major parts. The first part is the display screen body, the second part is the display screen control system (synchronous control system, including sending card, receiving card); the third part is the display screen supporting equipment (including computer, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier, air conditioning, Arrester, video processor, etc.) The fourth part is the large-screen steel structure (including the fixed display outer frame and the aluminum-plastic plate edge); the fifth part is the display transport installation cost. Usually, the price of the display screen refers to the unit price of the display screen, and the indoor screen generally does not need the air conditioning and arrester equipment.

How to judge the quality of full-color led display?
IC, power supply, package, and kit; In terms of display effect, the quality of the display mainly depends on the brightness of the display, the flatness of the display surface, the consistency of the color of the display, the water resistance of the display, and the color of the display. Sex, viewing perspective size. Full color led display outdoor LED advertising big screen investment return how? How long does the cost recovery cycle? Maipu glory LED big screen advertising profit depends on the display installation location popularity, local economic consumption level.
Under normal circumstances, LED large screen can be returned to this article about six months, given the LED advertising screen's long life (reasonable use of up to 10 years or more), we can see LED advertising display investment returns are still great, especially now LED display The decline in screen prices and lower and lower investment costs, but the advertising fees will not be reduced, will only increase, and the outdoor LED advertising screen is most likely to continue to grow.
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